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    Query about pregnancy being a thyroid patient

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    I am a thyroid patient since 6 yrs and this is my third pregnancy. I am shocked that I conceived. I have not consulted a doctor before conceiving. How is it possible? Is it safe in my second pregnancy or do I have to consult a doctor for conceiving? My periods are regular but bleeding is continuing for 11 to 15 days. How is it possible that I have conceived? I got this thyroid in my first pregnancy.
    Awaiting advice.
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  • Well, I do not want to dishearten you, but there can be a few complications in a thyroid patient's pregnancy. Some of them include -
    • High blood pressure in late pregnancy
    • Miscarriage
    • Premature delivery
    • Lower weight of the new born

    There can be cases of hyperthyroidism in the new born baby. It can cause rapid heart rate and heart failure. Such mothers and new born babies need to be taken care of closely by the medical team.
    There is a silver line though. If you have mild thyroid problems, you can have treatments during pregnancy. Medical teams sometimes suggest antithyroid treatments.

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  • Thyroid produces two hormones. They are thyroxine and triiodothyronine. They are responsible for metabolism in body and metabolism in turn is responsible for affecting each and every function body carries out. Thyroid thus can also affect ovulation process in females and thus it is seen that women affecting from thyroid disorders show various difficulties in conceiving as well as complications in delivery of child if they conceive.

    Irregularity in periods is due to imbalance in thyroid hormone. Too much production of thyroid hormone by thyroid gland which is also known as hyperthyroidism as well as too little production of thyroid hormone by thyroid gland also known as hypothyroidism both are responsible for creating irregularity in menstrual cycle. This is thereby responsible for affecting ovulation cycle which will pose difficulty in conceiving.

    In your case, you have mentioned that your periods are regular but bleeding continues for 11 to 15 days. The reason for prolonged bleeding is your thyroid disorder. Since your periods are regular and it may have helped your conceiving as regular periods are helpful in proper and regular ovulation cycle. Are you taking any medication for thyroid disorder. In your case, your medicine might have helped your conceiving. It has kept your thyroid hormone in normal range and thereby your other body functions like periods and ovulation cycle too became regular which in turn helped you in conceiving.

    Though you have not mentioned, but I feel that you are affected from hypothyroidism. In hyperthyroidism, ovulation period or cycle is greatly affected and women suffering from it cannot conceive due to irregularity in menstrual cycle. However, in hypothyroidism ovulation occurs normally. Whatever may be the case, you need to consult doctor and take proper medication and treatments recommended. Early treatment decreases the risk of complications as well as severity.

    These are the severe complications which women suffering from thyroid disorder experience.
    1) Miscarriage,
    2) Placental abruption,
    3) Premature delivery,
    4) Babies born are deficit of intellectual development,
    5) Preeclampsia,
    6) Gestational diabetes,
    7) Spontaneous labor,
    8) Postpartum hemorrhage,
    9) Still birth etc.....

    Continue your pregnancy only after complete examination and if your doctor encourages you to continue it. Otherwise, you may risk both yours as well as your fetus life and thus consult your doctor at the earliest.

  • It would better for you to have the consultation of the doctor and any disorder in respect of the of thyroid can be detected through Thyroid - profile test. Any TSH value beyond 5.0 is indicative of thyroid disorder known as Hypothyroidism and if the values of TSH falls below 0.3, this is the clear case of Hyperthyroidism. In either of the case, you may face difficulty and hence continuation of thyroid - medicine as applicable to you is essential.
    You have conceived since your periods were regular creating a favourable condition for being pregnant but now in order to avoid the complications you must have the consultation of the specialists.
    The complications are as follows-
    1) Miscarriage,
    2) Prematured - delivery
    3) low - intelligent level of the child after birth
    4) Gestational - diabetes,
    5) Still birth
    6) low weight of the baby
    7) High blood pressure of the mother in the advanced stage of the pregnancy, etc
    Maintenance of thyroid - profile is easy and can be tackled with suitable dose in either of the case and so you must adhere to medication.

  • First of all, I would like to ask you that whether you have confirmed your pregnancy through any test or it is just miss of a menstruation cycle for one month?
    If you have not done confirmatory test, please do that and make it confirm that you are pregnant. The reason why I am asking it because during Thyroid problems and medications, there are possibilities that one may miss her periods.
    If your pregnancy test come positive, please immediately consult a doctor. You will need constant medication to keep your hormone levels balanced which will eventually result in healthy pregnancy and normal delivery.
    You are also advised to monitor your calcium intake which is directly related to your Thyroid problem.
    Please closely monitor your thyroid during pregnancy and go for thyroid test frequently because doctors changes the dose accordingly.


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  • Nowadays, mild thyroid problem can be treated medically during pregnancy. But generally thyroid imbalance causes complications like birth of mentally retarded child, physically impaired baby, stillborn child and miscarriage.

    So, I would strongly recommend you to visit an experienced gynaecologist and follow her/his advice in letter and spirit.

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  • Many theories has been mentioned above about hypothyroidism and its complications in pregnancy. I am sure a layman (non medical person) will get more confused by vast theory.
    Excessive bleeding is one of the symptom of hypothyroidism and does not hamper ovulation process, so pregnancy is possible. By the way you have to confirm by USG after 5-6 weeks.
    Many complications has been mentioned above which is correct but even hypothyroid patients deliver mature and healthy baby. If you want to go with your third issue take certain measures.

    1. Regular antenatal visit. Check your thyroid level as the drug and dose may change in pregnancy. You might be taking eltroxin or thyronorm. Consult endocrinologist for dose adjustment of the same.

    2. You may require sonography to follow the health status of baby more frequently than in normal case, so dont hesitate if your obstretician advises for the same.

    3. Hypothyoridism leads to weight gain which may complicate the delivery, so do some exercise which is permitted in pregnancy to have a check on your weight. Start exercise in 2nd trimester, not in first.

    Dr. Sanjeev

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