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    Selecting better course after graduation.

    Confused about a suitable course for better career prospects? Searching for courses? Find information about relevant courses here.

    I have completed my B.Tech in 2012. Then I went to Bombay for earning money. Due to some family problems I did a job in Amazon as processing associate. I knew this is not a suitable job for me but in that situation I was pushed into the job. I went on with the job for four years(till last month). Now I want to do a software job.
    Can you guide me about which course is better in the present situation?
    Awaiting response.
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  • There are many courses to get software jobs like MCA, MSc/IT, CCNA, "O" Level, "A" Level after graduation. There is no specific course required to get software jobs for a B.Tech graduate. B.Tech degree it self is enough to get software job irrespective of branch/discipline in B.Tech. Software companies are not bothered about trade of B Tech course, but mostly they are looking for logical thinking ability, problem solving skills and good communication skills from a candidate to work in software field.
    I would like to mention name of some successful executives those have not studied BTech in Computer Science or Information Technology but now they are on the top of software field in the world:
    1. You may be aware of Mr. Sunder Pichai, CEO of Google Inc. He is a Metallurgical Engineering graduate from IIT Kaharagpur.
    2. Mr. Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft. He is a Electrical Engineering graduate from MIT.

    There are many software organization in Bangluru ( Karnataka) and Hyderabad (Telangana) cities where you can approach for job. Software companies have openings for candidates throughout the year. Only thing is to get a start of your career in the software field.
    Best of Luck

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  • The employers of the Software - companies look out the prospective aspirants who remain fully confident despite the adverse circumstances and they are analytical minded people. The stream with which you have done Engineering does not bear so much importance.
    So, it would be better for you to brush up your course with which you have obtained your degree. You must be an efficient communicator so that you can interpret the facts confidently with the Interview - board and keep your self updated with the latest events.
    In the leading Software - companies, there are several rounds to judge the competence of the aspirants including the written and oral tests and these tests can reveal your real potential.
    In the final round of the Interview, you may be asked how you joined Amazon and your reason to come out from such a giant organisation. Your reply should be in nutshell and equally be impressive.
    You would succeed in your ultimate task with your positive approach.

  • Please mention your specialization in to have better and specific suggestions.
    As you have shown your interest in software, I guess that you might have done your B.Tech in Software specialization and in that case you can go for any short term refreshment course. Such courses are widely available for varied duration for 6 months to 1 year.
    You can select any specific field related to software and can join short term course for that.

    If your Graduation is not in Software field then you may need to work harder. A specific degree will support you to get into software company.
    You can even join a software company with your present specialization and then attend the training your company is providing for your betterment.

    Nowadays, most of the software companies train their employees and you can get benefited by that. So, it will be better to join company with your present skills and accept the offer they are giving you.


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  • The software industry is ever evolving – which is why companies hiring software engineers opt for fresh minds, straight out of college. Most recruitment drives are conducted on campuses across the country.

    The industry also revolves around a very young workforce that means that by the time a software engineer touches the wrong side of 30, they are already being considered too old for the job. People are sent packing when they touch 40. A minuscule number of software experts make it to the top and continue with their job. This also has to do with the fact that the pyramid has just a few vacancies at the top.

    On the outside, a job in the software industry appears to be ideal. It has a 'false' prestige attached to it. People are enamoured with the software industry, but there some ugly facts about the industry that cannot be ignored.

    1. The growth in the industry is limited
    2. Only a select few make it to the top
    3. Very few actually get to work on onsite jobs
    4. People are sent packing at 40

    The last point is disturbing. Imagine finding oneself without a job at 40.

    It would make better sense for you professionally to pursue a management course instead. Management graduates are paid equally good salaries and there is a wider range of career paths that you will be able to choose from.

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  • - You have mentioned that you want to do a software job then you need to create your profile in this category in all job hunting sites. Start job hunting seriously and attend all walk-in interviews. Keep yourself updated with all the advertisements that appear from time to time.

    - If you want to study further so that your profile improves and you can seek high paying jobs then pursue M.Tech.You need to crack GATE for it and thus you have to prepare yourself as it will require extensive study.

    - There are various jobs available in software industry. Qualification as well as requirements for each job is different and you have to decide in which field you are interested to work so that you can acquire your specialization in it.

    - You should be good in programming languages. You need to learn programming languages depending upon the program you want to work on or create.

    - To get better experience, you yourself can create software programs or else try working on an open source project. This sort of learning will not only give you an experience but also will greatly help you in performing well in interviews.

  • if you want to do the job in software field see all notifications in newspaper or online advertisement and attend face to face interviews. so many vacancies in software field no matter which branch means you are form computer science,mechanical,electrical, electronis, etc. people who completed in BCA or MCA also doing a good job in software and getting handsome salary. software company want to your skills, present of mind and good good communication skills.
    so any software company in india at metro city like hyderabad, delhi,chennai,bangaluru & mumbai etc.

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  • Hi,
    If you don't have any financial preasure right now you can apply for CDAC exam .If you get centre like Bangalore and Pune you would get and excellent placement from there itself. Here you get very good training on system software, embedded, java, .net etc. This is all according to the field that you choose.
    If you have financial preasure from your family I would suggest youto go in AWS cloud and learn some concepts by listening to online videos on youtube.

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