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    Will I lose updates if I reset Windows 10?

    Want to reset Windows 10? confused whether you will lose updates after resetting? Find advice from experts on this page.

    I want to reset Windows 10 installed on my laptop. I haven't tried it earlier. I had recently installed Windows updates in my Windows 10 OS.
    Will I lose all the installed updates after resetting my OS or not?
    I am confused.
    Experts: do resolve my confusion.
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  • * Yes, you will lose all the installed updates if you reset OS on your laptop.

    * However, you can now install same without losing all your updates by using Windows 10 upgrade companion. It will save all your programs and files. Use its back up function, carefully follow its instructions and run it successfully without losing all your data.

    * You can also opt to chose any 3rd party back up product that will help you in saving all your programs. Just make sure that you have enough space to save all that is been stored.

    * Just keep in mind that installation will not save your login, password, accounts and other similar settings. So, yes installation will lead to losing of certain data.

    * Old versions of office, games, 3rd party applications will be lost. Thus, a complete back up will come here for your rescue making sure that everything or almost maximum of your settings and apps are saved.

  • It depends. While installing new version of windows, it will ask for fresh installation or upgrade the current version.
    If you choose for fresh installation, all data and updates on the older version will go and new window will be installed.
    If you choose the second option, window will upgrade the current version without loosing your installed programs or updates.

  • 1. Windows 10 if rests to the factory settings will lose all the updates and the patches applied. And you have to start over all again in order to update the system.

    2. You can download the offline update from and store the windows 10 update installers into USB drive or hard disk. This way you can surely update even if the windows 10 gets reset or if you format and reinstall the operating system.

    3. If you have any data stored on the hard disk make sure to back it up and store in some hard drive. That should help keep the data into the disk even if the operating system is rested.

    4. If you are unsure what to do in such case, just install Norton Ghost. And this recovery software will freeze the current state of the operating system. And once you install the ghost it can then get back all the settings and updates back on the operating system.

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