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    Need a suggestions for recovery from jaundice

    Searching for solution to recover from jaundice? Check out advice from experts on this page.

    My father(age 62) is suffering from jaundice from last 1 month and he is admitted in hospital. The doctors are doing all the possible tests for knowing the cause of jaundice but all the reports are normal. Still his bilirubin count is increasing. According to latest LFT report it's 35 and doctors are unable to handle it.

    Can anyone suggest me something how to cure his jaundice?

    Note: in diet we are giving him mousambi juice, daliya, moong daal, khichadi, water, coconut water, butter milk, Apple.

    Awaiting response.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Jaundice may be caused due to one of the following reasons mentioned below. Make sure that doctors have diagnosed all these aspects. If any underlying cause is not diagnosed then make sure that tests are done so that treatment can be started. Treatment of jaundice depends on the underlying cause and without diagnosing it treatment becomes difficult, worsening the scenario.

    Causes of jaundice:-
    * Inflammation of bile duct,
    * Infection of bile duct,
    * Cholestasis,
    * Hemolytic anemia,
    * Alcohol,
    * Infection of liver,
    * Liver cancer,
    * Gallstones,
    * Cancer of pancreas,
    * Parasites present in liver,
    * Scarring of liver,
    * Overdose of acetaminophen,
    * Dubin-Johnson Syndrome,
    * Gilbert's Syndrome,
    * Crigler-Najjar Syndrome

    1) Treatment of jaundice will mainly depend on proper diagnosis of underlying disease and then treating it. Cause of jaundice is treated and supportive care is given to the patient.
    2) Photo therapy is helpful in removal of excess of bilirubin in case of moderate jaundice.
    3) Severe form of jaundice will require blood transfusion for removal of excess of bilirubin.
    4) If jaundice is caused by medicine then alternative drug may be the treatment.
    5) If anemia is the underlying cause then iron supplements can be given to the patient.
    6) Any obstruction or gall stones if are causing it then surgery is the treatment.
    7)Anti viral or steroids can be given if jaundice is hepatitis induced.
    8) Increase intake of whole wheat flour, parboiled rice, lemons, dried dates, oranges, brown rice, bananas and almonds.
    9) Avoid intake of white rice, maida, excessively oily and spicy foods, aerated drinks, canned and preserved foods.
    10) Take complete rest avoiding unnecessary stress and anxiety.

  • Jaundice is the condition where there is dysfunction of liver and is associated with the escalation of Bilirubin - level. There are a few tips to contain the excess Bilirubin present in the Blood. The following tips would be helpful.
    1) Goose- berry powder - Take one tablespoon of Goose- berry powder twice daily for at least a fortnight and this being a chief source of Vitamin-C can eradicate the disease.
    2) Aloe- Vera juice would be very benificial to wipe out the root cause of the disease. 20 ml of this extract taken twice a day can normalise the excess Bilirubin - content.
    3) Lemon - juice - Lemons are anti - inflammatory in nature apart from presence of Calcium, Magnesium, Potassim etc in addition to Vitamin - C and these do have positive effects in stabilising the Bilirubin - content.
    4) Papaya - leaves - One table - spoon of Papaya - juice mixed with 100 ml of freshly boiled water if taken twice daily for ten days would create a favourable impact in restoration to normalcy.
    5) Eating of raw tomatoes three times in a day by adding a pinch of common salt along with Black - Pepper can root out the jaundice - problem. The tomatoes contain Lycopene in addition to other valuable content and the presence of these constituents can take care of this disease.
    However certain precautions are essential such as
    1) Avoid taking excess Carbohydrate such as Rice,Maida, Potatoes etc and also excess spicy and oily foods should be abstained from.
    2) Alcohol - consumption should be given up.
    3) Fried - vegetables and Non - vegetarian items should be discarded

  • Generally join dice is a water born disease which affect lever. Apart from the above two author i would add few things.
    1. Give radish (mooli) in the form which he can take i.e. salad/juice
    2. Sugar cane juice herb is there to cure the join dice you may take help from a person who can identify it. It is readily available.
    4.lemon juice
    5. snake guard leaves
    6.tomato juice
    7.wheat grass

    The greatest wealth in this world is mental peace and good health.

  • This is not the time to go with general suggestions. If needed you may have to consult another doctor or another hospital after discussing with the present doctors.
    The first and foremost is to prevent deterioration of the situation. Liver needs maximum rest and support. The one probable change you can make is to avoid daliya, moong daal, khichadi ,butter milk and apple and increase frequency of coconut water. But this should be done only after discussing with the treating doctors.

    Please allow doctors eliminate all possible factors and then arrive at correct diagnosis. Monitor and ensure that condition is not worsening. That is enough. The prime thing now is to strictly comply with experienced doctors' advice and co-operate with them. But if having any doubt, consult some other experienced doctor or hospital. Frankly discus with them about this. and any inability they have.

    However,please do not fall victims to sundry suggestions or self medication at this stage.

  • Beside normal (less oily and less spicy) veg food, give him ORS-L or electoral and tender coconut. At least two ORS-L per day. These would help him.

  • Jaundice may be caused by liver and gets inflamed the skin and whites of the eyes take on the yellow colour and spread slowly to whole skin in a problem of adult. In modern drug medicine does not consider to the disease of liver infection and gallstones. It will cure for only ayurveda medicine for completely and it has ayurvedic name is kamala. It is due to increase the result of blood to mix and as high level of bilirubin. As per the ayurveda, body has maintained three essential engery vata, pitta and kapha. If any disturb this as a result of problem in body can cause liver in jaundice. It has some symptoms, causes, and ayurvedic remedies.


    1. Weakness of the body due to drowsiness and fatigue
    2. Eyes, skin, Urine, tongue and nail are yellow colour to be caused.
    3. In lack of appetite to be caused in jaundice of taking food.
    4. Burning sensation of the body to be fever
    5. Upper Abdomen pain due to liver caused in jaundice
    6. Nausea and vomiting of the virus of the jaundice.


    1. In red blood cells are die during the daily process the haemoglobin is release for bilirubin to cause liver for excretion for yellow colour in entire body.
    2. Excessive circulation of bile pigments in blood cells.
    3. Inflammation of the liver caused as hepatitis.
    4. Drink alcohol and smoking caused pitta to be blood cells are dead in liver to discoloration of the eyes and skin.
    5. Daytime sleep, stress, anger and anxiety are other factors to be cause.


    1. Triphala chooranam or Powder mix with hot water and drink daily after food. It will cure the blood cells and liver also.
    2. Vilva powder and paste mix with hot water and drink daily before food. It will cure the purify of blood and cells.
    3. Aloe vera juice take it add with black salt and ginger powder drink daily morning before food.
    4. Take roasted barley add with hot water and also with honey mix and drink it twice a day.
    5. Take a handful of basil leaves with hot water added mix it honey and drink twice a day. It will purify the blood.
    6. To make a cup of juice and equal of beetroot and lemon it will few days to cure jaundice.

  • Your father is an elderly person . There are following reasons of jaundice in such persons. 1. there may be Hepatitis, a viral infection, 2. Alcohol addiction, 3. Blocking of bile ducts. Bile ducts carry bile produced by liver to intestines. and 4. Any structural change in the liver. Please see any surgical Gastroenterologist immediately. He may advise you sonographic investigations. Do not waste time.

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