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    How can I study EtherCAT without any background?

    Interested in studying about EtherCAT? Searching for relevant information? On this Ask Expert page, you can get answers to all your queries.

    Hello, I am completely new for EtherCAT master slave network technology. I want a good start to design EtherCAT slave to acquire data from current sensor. Without any background its going really hard to start the hardware and software design of EtherCAT slave.
    Can anybody help me to start my project with good pace? Can you also tell me which microprocessor or micro-controller I can use to design EtherCAT slave controller? My mane task is to design EtherCAT slave controller.
    Awaiting advice.
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  • To design EtherCat Slave follow these steps mentioned in this link:-

    For simple devices, no micro controller is required. For complex devices, requirement of micro controller is dependent on local application.

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