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    How will minor error in name in documents affect government jobs

    Worried about a minor name error in your academic documents? Know from experts if this error could be held against you during a government job interview & how to get the change made to rectify the mistake.

    My name is Shailendra which is correct in 10th class and graduation certificates, but it is showing as Shelendra in the 12th class certificate. Will I face any problem while attending Govt. job interviews? If yes, then what is the solution? Please advice me if you have any knowledge regarding this. Thank you.
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  • Most of the times one letter that is wrongly spelled in your name will go unnoticed and may never pose any problem in your career. However, it is better that you get it corrected to rule out any sort of difficulties you need to face because of it in the future.

    To get it corrected, you need to send an application for correction to the university or college from where you have passed out your 12th exam.
    You need to send following documents along with application:-
    * Admission form,
    * School leaving certificate of your 10th standard school.

    After going through documents you sent them, board will make necessary changes and send your 12th certificate with necessary changes made in it.

  • There is very minor mistake in the name spelling. As both Shailendra & Shelendra will pronounce the same, there may be no big issue while applying for job. But to avoid any cicumstances or issues you are advised to do the desired corrections in the name. For this you can produce an affidavit from your local court stating the correct spelling of your name and submit a copy of the same to the concerned board with an application requesting for correction in the name.

  • When it comes to government and Indian law in general, even a small change in name can be contested and taken action against. For example name such as "sharat" and "sharath" both are valid names in different states. So that makes them two different person unless the valid identity proof is given. Often such legal cases due to government jobs or the pension come in and the case can be lost due to small change in the name. So for that reason every government department is really careful on the name changes. A lot of improvement being done with UID aadhar card to avoid this sort of problems. Still however government requires the names to be unique and cconsistent across all the documents throughout persons career and the government applications.

  • Yes, you will definitely face problem not only in case of selection in Government jobs, but also in other official matters.

    I would advise you to immediately contact your X+II Board and ask the Board in writing to correct your name in the documents. Ask the Board to issue fresh certificate and mark-sheet in your correct name.

    If considerable time has elapsed after your qualifying the X+II Board examination and if the Board declines to correct your name, you have to sign an affidavit before a First-class Magistrate in your city stating that Shailendra and Shelendra are same and the correct name is Shailendra. You have to give advertisements in one English newspaper and one vernacular newspaper in this regard. The original affidavit and advertisements must be preserved permanently for future reference.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

  • Any deviation in the name has to be corrected before the first class magistrate and the final affidavit has to be notified in the leading news - paper so that the concerned authorities should be aware of your correct name and also a photo- copy of the affidavit has to be forwarded to the office of 10+2 board along with an application for the issuance of duplicate certificate indicating the correct name. This application has to be forwarded by the office of the Principal from where you have completed your studies.

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