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    Is it possible to write DO to higher ups?

    What are the rules to write official letters to senior officers in a central government organisation? Can you write official letters to cadre controlling authority?

    Sir I am working for central government organisation and recently I had written a demi official letter to cadre controlling authority. Now they have raised an objection that, being a non gazetted officer, I should not write demi official letter. Kindly guide me in this regard.
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  • As a Central Government Officer, my reply is as under:-

    (i) You have committed a very grave mistake. Now pray to God requesting that disciplinary proceeding is not initiated against you. From where did you get the official letter-head?

    (ii) Please remember that demi-official (d.o.) letter can't be written by non-Gazetted employees and even by Class-II Gazetted Officers. Only Class-I Gazetted Officers can write d.o. letters, if the issue at hand is extremely important.

    (iii) Please also note that d.o. letters are written to officers at the same level, or to the officers one level above (the position of the writer of such letter). The top bureaucrats (Cabinet Secretary or Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister in Central Govt.) can write d.o. letter to one level below his/her rank.

    (iv) I would advise you to immediately tender unconditional apology in writing stating your ignorance and assuring that such grave mistake would not recur in future.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

  • - Demi official letter is usually used in correspondence between Government officers. It is written to bring each others attention on the issue.
    - An officer who is not more than one or two levels below the officer he is addressing can only write demi official letter.
    - Since you have done a blunder all you have to do is state a sincere apology and ask for forgiveness.
    - Your ignorance may lead you to pay high price and thus it is better that you ask for apology as timely apology may escape you from facing any serious consequence.

  • Hi,

    Demi Official Letter

    :- Demi Official (DO) letter is very important term in official communication. It is for official communication of urgent nature. When sender and receiver are known to each other personally, Demi Official Letter is the better option for communication between the officer of same cadre. Because of personal relationship between sender and receiver, matter of personal touch can be mentioned in the letter. In the Demi Official Letter strict rules of drafting is not followed.
    Officer of the same designation with personal relationship uses this type of letter for communication. Drafting of Demi Official Letter is very flexible in nature. It means strict rules of Language, presentation and style of writing is not followed. Demi Official Letter is used in government organization. It is official in nature but some personal touch is given to letter.
    Some important points to be kept in mind while writing the Demi Official Letter are mentioned below:-
    1. Salutation is started with Dear or My Dear.
    2. Receiver is addressed by name and designation.
    3. At the last it should be subscribed with " Yours Sincerely".
    4. Letter is to be signed by sender only. Nobody else should sign on his behalf.
    Demi Official Letter is to be written in following situation
    a. When receiver and sender are having some personal relation.
    b. When confidential matter are to be discussed between to officer of the same designation.
    c. When the matter is urgent and quick response is required.
    Now I think it is clear to you that Demi Official Letter can not be written to superior officer. It is used between the officers of same level.

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