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    Mother's name spelling correction in CBSE 12 marksheet (2013)

    I have difference of spellings of names of my parents in my 10th and 12th mark sheets. Will incorrect spelling of my mother's name in the certificate create a problem in getting government jobs?

    In my 10th mark sheet(2011), my mother's name was misspelled 'Surodhani' (correct name) to 'Shurudhani' (mistake) and as per that my 12 mark sheet(2013) also is misspelled. But as of now I have corrected my mother's name in my 10th mark sheet, graduation mark sheet/Degree and also want to make correction in 12th mark sheet (CBSE) (2013), I contacted CBSE for mark sheet correction but they told it cannot be changed after 1 year of result declaration. Help me in this.

    1) Will this make any trouble during certificate verification in PSU/GOVT. JOBS if my 12th certificate does not get changed ? as per the above discussion.

    2) What steps can be taken to be on the safer side during any govt. jobs/PSU document verification process.
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  • Usually board from which you pass your exams correct any errors if you send them your application requesting a change in spelling of name along with required documents. They have to make the changes as the error was from their side and not yours.

    However, if CBSE board has already mentioned to you that corrections cannot be made after 1 year of declaration of result then one thing you can do is keep that written proof they sent you safely. This may come to your help if you face any problem the future related to changes in name. You can show organizations that you had requested for changes in name but your request was denied.

    As far as I know there is no such time period after which corrections will not be made. One can apply for change or correction in name or spelling no matter how many years have passed. All you have to do is send them an application along with documents like school leaving certificate from previous school or admission form of 12th in which name was spelled correctly.

    Try one more time and send them correct documents. As far as government jobs are considered, this minor error may not pose a big problem to you but still to rule out all the risks it is better that you get it changed.

  • I have read the question. I would advise you to approach your X+II Board in writing to correct your mother's name in the records and issue fresh certificates indicating correct name of your mother. Insist them to give the reply in writing.

    If the Board refuses in writing to correct your mother's name, you have to give advertisements in one English newspaper and in one vernacular newspaper in this regard. The original advertisements must be preserved permanently for future reference.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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