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    Basic ideas to reconstruct my house in my native

    Constructing a house in my native land. Please suggest the the optimum hardware requirements and their dimensions for constructing a house.

    Sir I want to construct house in my native land Dimensions 45' x 23'4.west facing. I need suggestions for single storey about following.
    1- What should be rod size.
    2- How much should be depth of puller.
    3- Proper size of pillars and beam.

    Please reply after seeing attachment.
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  • For constructing a house some of the important things are to be considered which are as follows:
    1. A good and proper layout of house designed with future planning.
    2. Depth of pillars depends upon the type of soil and geography of that region. If the soil is solid and land is in plain field then a depth of 10 to 15 feet is sufficient. If the soil is marsh then the depth should be 15 to 20 feet.
    3. For single story house the size of pillar should be 10"X10" and for multi-story it should be 12"X10" or 15"X12".
    4. After giving pillars at height of approx. 3feet from ground level plinth should be given on all wall in the design. A wall beam of width 10" and height 10" should be given on all walls at plinth level. For wall beam and pillars rod of diameter 12 mm can be used for single story building and 16 mm for multi-story buildings. A binding rod in form of ring of 6 mm diameter should also be used.
    5. Now all types of wall work is carried out by leaving space for doors and windows up to 7 feet.
    6. Now at this stage lintel work is performed. Here one can give wall beams according to their use as width 10" or 5" and height 6". Rod used for this beam will be of either 8 mm or 12 mm. After this again wall up to roof height is given.
    7. Now roof work is started. Wall beam on roof can also be given for good strength. If space between two wall is more than 10 feet in any room than a beam should be given in center of that room starting from one wall and to other and the depth will be according to gap between the wall. The depth for 12 feet gap should be 6" and for more it should be 9". Mainly rods of diameter 8 mm 10mm and 12mm are used in laying of roof.
    8. Ensure the quality of materials which is to be used.

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