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    How to increase white blood cell?

    Is there any medicine for increasing WBC count? Do we require food and other supplements to move up the WBC count?

    I want to know how to increase WBC in the blood of my dog. I recently had a complete blood check up done in Rs 1100 and found WBC count 2.3 lakh (range-2.4-5.4). I am looking the ways (food and exercise) and medicine to boost the WBC. Is WBC boosters advisable?
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  • * To increase WBC's in blood of your dog give it supportive treatment. Keep it hydrated by giving it lots of fluids and electrolytes.

    * Medicine will depend upon the underlying cause for decreased count of WBC's in your dog. If bacterial infection is the cause then antibiotics should be given.

    * If cancer is the cause then chemotherapy along with antibiotics should be given.

    *If certain drug is causing it then withdrawal of that drug will raise the WBC's.

    *If condition is immune mediated then steroids can be given.

    *Apart from drugs, balanced nutritious dog food can help to raise its WBC's.

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  • The best way to treat the dog for low count of WBC is to approach a doctor in order to detect the underlying cause. In order to detect the same the blood test would be required.You may take up the following things for the speedy recovery -
    1) Approach a veterinary doctor for its examination.
    2) Give the dog plenty of fluids including water already boiled with seven to eight leaves of Tulasi leaves and the same be given thrice a day in order to take care of antibacterial and antifungal infection.
    3) If already some medication for any disorder is given, take the review of the veterinary doctor.
    4) Nutricious food may be offered to enhance its immune - system thereby restoration of healthy WBC.
    5) If detected cancer, treatment may be proceeded in the similar line including Chemotherapy - treatment.

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