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    How the pregnancy is related with nutrition.

    What should be the dietary chart for a pregnant lady? What influence does under or over-nutrition have on the developing fetus inside the mother?

    How dietary planning is done before, during and after pregnancy? Explain the importance of nutrition for a pregnant lady. Does inadequate or excessive amount of some nutrients may cause malformations or medical problems in the fetus?

    How the personal habits such as smoking, alcohol, caffeine, using certain medications and street drugs can negatively and irreversibly affect the development of the baby, which happens in the early stages of pregnancy?
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  • Proper nutrient intake in the form of proper balanced diet is very essential when it comes to pregnancy. These are the crucial days when mother will be feeding its fetus in her womb nutrients and thus she should make sure that everything she consumes is in right amount and properly balanced.

    Nutrition before conceiving:-
    Before, during and after pregnancy, proper dietary planning should be done. At conception itself, nutrition of the fetus starts. In fact, several weeks before a lady conceives, she should concentrate well on her nutrition. If a lady is suffering from any sort of nutrient deficiency then she may pass that too her child and this may cause a hindrance in his/her development. What mother eats will have a long lasting effect on growth and development of her child.

    It is better that before conceiving all the nutrients taken are as per recommended daily allowance to avoid excessive or under intake. Prenatal use of iron prevents the risk of lower birth weight of child. Folic acid helps to prevent spina bifida and other sorts of development abnormalities associated with neural tube. Usually during pregnancy iodine deficiency develops which can affect child's mental health as well as can cause thyroid abnormalities. Thus, right before conceiving child, mother should make sure that she takes iodine supplements or iodine rich salt in her diet. Also, Vitamin D and Vitamin B12 supplementation along with other other vitamins and minerals essential should be taken to avoid any sort of deficiency.

    Nutrition during pregnancy:-
    Placenta is not formed in the early weeks of pregnancy and hence fetus is directly affected from all sorts of deficiency present in mother's body and thus this is the phase when extra care should be taken to avoid any such nutritional deficiency. Foods which are rich in protein, folic acid and other vitamins should be consumed. A balanced diet which is complete should be consumed by mothers. A daily supplement of multivitamin makes sure that baby does not get devoid of any sort of vitamin present in mother's blood circulation.

    Pregnancy is related with increase in weight and most of the weight is water and thus key to being healthy is remaining hydrated. Fetus is 70-90% made up of water and thus during pregnancy one cannot take risk of remaining in the state of dehydration which severely affect both state of fetus as well as of mother. During pregnancy water intake should be increased from 2,300 ml to 2,600 ml.

    Nutrition after pregnancy:-
    After pregnancy is a state where body of mother recovers and thus again proper diet ensuring good nutrition along with iron supplements ensures good recovery which also increases milk essential for lactating mothers. Also, lactating mothers should increase their water intake and should be able to drink at least 3,000 ml in a day as breast milk is made up of water.

    Deficiency of certain nutrients causing harmful effects:-
    * Folic acid deficiency result in neural tube defects and spina bifida.
    * Iodine deficiency result in thyroid abnormalities.
    * Vitamin D deficiency can cause weak bones due to rickets.

    Harmful effects of smoking, alcohol, drugs and caffeine during pregnancy:-
    Smoking can result in premature birth of babies, injury to fetus and also there is risk that babies which are born to mothers who smoke excessively will show low body weight during birth. There is chance of miscarriage. Also, smoking retards growth of babies.
    Alcohol consumption during pregnancy can result in development of fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) which affects both physical and mental health of fetus resulting in formation of developmental anomalies like cleft palate, intellectual disabilities of some sort, heart defects etc..... Drinking during first trimester of pregnancy is particularly very dangerous.
    We often take medicines without prescription and this can be highly dangerous during pregnancy. Aspirin is one such drug if taken in high dose during pregnancy and it can result in excessive bleeding whereas high doses of Vitamin A is usually associated with development of birth defects. Tranquilizers on the other hand are responsible for causing cleft palate or cleft lip.
    Caffeine is not that harmful if taken 2 to 3 servings in a day but should be avoided in large quantity.

  • Growth and development of fetus depends upon the nutrition during pregnancy, the fetus gets it required nutrition only if the mother intake is sufficient. Excessive or insufficient nutrition during pregnancy may hamper the fetal growth and development and may result in impairment. Nutrition plays a vital role right from conception throughout the three trimesters and till the delivery of a full term baby. The first trimester is 0 to 13 weeks, the second is 13 to 26 weeks, and the third is 26 to 40 weeks. Dietary planning should be as per the nutritional needs of growing fetus which vary throughout the duration of pregnancy.

    A complete and good nutritious diet helps to achieve the desired rate and amount of weight gain during pregnancy, which is an important factor deciding infant's birth weight. Pregnant women require more calories, iron, folate, vitamins, minerals, iodine, EPA and DPH suggesting that her intake of nutrient rich diet should be increased.
    Some of the important nutrients during pregnancy are as follow

    Folate: Its deficiency is associated with fetal growth malformations. Adequate folate supply (approximately 0.6 mg daily) during very early stage in pregnancy is essential for reduction in neural tube defects. Folate requirement can be met by foods or supplement fortified with folic acid, a form of folate.

    Vitamin A: adequate supply of vitamin A during pregnancy is very essential as low or inadequate vitamin A leads to poor fetal growth and excessive supply leads to malformation

    Calcium: Calcium supports bone mineralization in fetus and strengthens bones in pregnant women.

    Vitamin D: Vitamin D along with calcium supports fetal growth. It also protects the immune system. 5 mcg (200 IU) vitamin D daily is recommended for pregnancy.

    Iron: Iron requirements increases during pregnancy due to increases in hemoglobin production and storage of iron by the fetus. It is the most common deficiency. Commonly, iron supplements are recommended for second and third trimester.

    Nutritious diet during pregnancy requires diet planning. A complete diet including fruits, vegetables, nuts, pulses, meat, fish, eggs, oil help meet the nutritional requirement during pregnancy. Natural food and foodstuffs are always recommended over supplement as they are rich in fibre and antioxidants.

  • In women's there is a greatest gifts for carrying a baby goes to numerous time of physical and hormonal changes during pregnancy time. During this time will affect your health and baby for balanced diet plan fails. It has followed the proper nutrients can help baby development and growth of the many weeks. Pregnancy is the one time in a life when eating habits to be followed correctly as nutrients, proteins, vitamins and minerals. To consume more types of nutrients to eat properly during pregnancy time.

    Follow this Ayurvedic tips and nutrient

    1. In everyday should have atleast 2 glass of milk drink after food. It has healthy diet to grow baby but nausea and vomiting is present you can mix with turmeric, cardamom, almonds and ginger.
    2. Pure honey adds with hot water and drink daily it will help of boosting the immune systems.
    3. Drink coconut water mix with palm sugar daily.
    4. Daily Wash your foot and legs in Hot Water during pregnancy, it will help to cure swelling the legs and walk daily.
    5. Karakkai powder mix with butter milk and drink after food. It will helps to good digestion and cure gases.
    6. Pomegranate syrup mix with hot water and drink daily before food. It will help to taken food normally.
    7. After food to eat, walk properly and beware.
    8. Try Sleep in semi-reclined position by putting a pillow between the Mats.
    9. In every morning, you can drink a water and some yoga asanas and some stretching exercise for developing the grow of health and baby.

    Avoid this

    1. Avoid Hot Spicy Foods
    2. Avoid Soya Beans, uncooked leafy greens they as cause gas in the stomach in nausea.
    3. Avoid Cashews, walnuts, Corn and Mushrooms.
    4. Don't sleep immediately after eat must avoid this and go some little walk to proper digestion of food and nutrients go to help of baby growth.
    5. Avoid Papaya, pineapple and kiwi products.

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