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    How can I study properly for a project?

    Master degree student loosing interest and confidence in study. How to stop deviation of mind while studying for a project work?

    I am a masters student working on a project. I have completed my engineering but I'm somewhat weak with basics and that's why loosing my confidence. When I start studying for my project, I thought like I should first focus on basics. And when I start to clear my basics, I think, I don't have that much time to go to such a deep level. This is the reason I'm wasting my time. Output is zero even though I sit in front of computer. I am not able to plan properly and tending to procrastinate. Please help me to come out of this. How can I do directed study?
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  • From your Query looks like somewhere you are losing your concentration during studies. Focus is very important for doing any kind of job.
    Somewhere within you, you feel that you are not confident on your basics. Trust me, not all are:
    It is just the hard work , the knowledge that you gain with the hard work makes you more confident.
    Until and unless the basics are not clear , there is no point in finishing any work/study/job just for the sake of it.

    Just relax and do the following.
    1. List out the syllabus that you have to cover in each subjects.
    2. Put a timetable to cover each topic considering the duration you have to complete the whole syllabus.
    3. Considering that you are not so confident on basics, include more time to cover the basics of your subject.
    4. In your time table make sure you allot at least 1 hour every day (at the end of the day) for collecting the answers to your unanswered Queries.
    5. Perform Meditation/Pranayama at least for 20 mins everyday ( this improves concentration and gives you confidence in your self).
    6. Follow up your time table and study/cover the portions as per it.

    As you proceed with your studies as per your time table, you may feel that somethings are not clear. Do not worry. Write / list down those queries.
    Use the 1 hour mentioned in step 4 for clarifying your doubts /basics.

    There are several ways to get your basics clarified. Discuss with your lecturers on the topics. you could discuss with your expert friends or even google on the internet. ISC is also a best platform to get your basics cleared.

    Usually it is difficult to get all the things right within a short time. But an organized plan, and a clear mind are all what it takes to get to your destination.

  • If you specify your branch and domain of the project, then it will be easier to guide you. I suppose you are in your final year of your Masters and unable to make the proper utilisation of time. In engineering, a lot of subjects are covered in only the basic level,. for example C, Java programming for cse students as time is limited due to the semester format.
    I would suggest that you first find out your domain of study, and try to cover up the basics first before starting on your project.
    For example, if you are a cse student and your project is an online shopping website then you need to only concentrate on web programming basics and the programming language of your choice for coding the project. The same concept follows for other branch students too.
    Next, you should choose a very experienced guide who has real on-site experience in that domain to go on the right track for your project or thesis.
    You can also search for all the related content online and practice coding, for example, on your laptop and try to build small webpages.
    Next, try something more difficult and aim to finish your seminars and presentations in a thorough manner.
    Getting diverted is very easy, but if you plan it out properly and choose a suitable guide and mentors, you can turn your project into a success.

    "If things go wrong, don’t go with them"

  • Thanks veena and ar. I'm the student of electronics and my project is on EtherCAT slave implementation.

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