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    Windows is not getting inatalled

    Problem in installing Windows XP. Why does my computer shut down abruptly while installing Windows?

    Sir my computer is not installing windows XP 2007. When half of the window is installed it shuts down.when I restart it shows thermal power failure attempt, etc. screen shows press F1 to continue or F12. I have tried so many times.Nothing is working.So what can I do?
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  • 1.Try to update the BIOS, The BIOS (Basic Input Output System) is a type of Firmware that allows you to access and setup your system at the most basic level.
    2. It is because thermal problems, your CPU is not cooling properly so try to clean the fans, ram and mother board for any dust.
    3. If the processor or system board has recently been replaced, check for the presence of thermal grease or thermal pads having been replaced after the repair. If there is no thermal grease or thermal pads you may need to replace the Heat sink or Motherboard again.
    4. Check to be sure the heatsink is properly attached to the processor/motherboard and the Fan is operating properly. I would remove the heatsink to check for mounting damage or improper thermal compound application then clean it and the processor and re-apply IC Diamond 7 thermal compound.
    5. If nothing works Need to call a hardware engineer.

  • This particular issue is related to the HDD boot sector corruption. In order to get over the problem. You have to remove the HDD and attach it with the USB to HD converter. And then you can connect to any laptop or hard disk. make sure to format the disk with new boot sector details. This can be done from the disk management utility on Windows 7, 8 or 10 machines. And once you do that you can try booting into the system. This should help working with the installation.

    If this does not solve the issue, then take this to some service center. And they can help you resolve the issue. Most likely the BIOS has no problem considering it is allowing you to boot and work on installation. So this is more of hard disk and other connectivity issue like motherboard and pins.

    Final point is that do pay attention to the processor thermal heat. As that can also lead to the problem which leads to system going in a corrupted way. It has happened that heat sink may need different paste to maintain cold.

  • The reasons are tabulated below.

    1. HDD or SSTD has run out of space.
    2. Hardisk Drive is corrupted.
    3. Insert other Windows disk.

    Format the harddiskdrive partition and insert the installation disk to continue and when prompted, make three to four equal partition or as per your requirement and space preferences.

    Delete the BIOS password. Boot the computer with installation disk, press the Esc key repeatedly while booting to enter setup. Chosse the boot with Hard disk name, press down to administrator password with the navigation key ane enter to remove password.

    If nothing of the above steps work, visit deohut dot wordpress dot com, navigate to OS tutorial and read the artilce on how to make a bootable pen drive to install Windows along with other PC's related issues.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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