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    Data entry work to earn little extra income

    How to earn some extra money, besides my full time job? Are the data entry jobs advertised over the internet real or fake?

    I am doing a normal job and my salary is also not much due to which every month i face problem half of the salary goes in bill payments and also have to contribute at home at the end of the month I hardly have anything to save to be said as savings so I wanted to do same extra work mostly in data entry so that I can same extra cash but I really don't have any idea as where I will find this kind of job as part time I searched on net and I was left with big question mark, I don't want to earn like how it is shown on the net in one month 30000 or 50000 we can earn I know its completely fake and if its true also I will grow old by the time I get that amount I just want same thing which will help me to earn something to pay off all my bill payments so that I can save some money and I want data entry because I am bit good in computers and after my work I don't think that I will get permission to do some extra work, please suggest me something so that I have solution to it.
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  • All advertisements for data entry job are not fake. When you reach to them for that kind of job then they will satisfy with their advertisement. I am just tell you how they cheat us, they will tell us, this a part time job but when we ask about work and money then they explain as follows.

    1- You can earn up to Rs 25000/month here.
    2- You will get 10 paise per A4 size for data entry at home or here.
    3- You will get money according to your work only not any fixed salary.

    According to above detail if you want to earn 200 rupees per day then you have to type 2000 A4 size page per day and this not possible.

    If you want to earn some extra money then the better option for you is teaching. Start to teach in free of cost for showing your talent and attract some interested students and then slowly move towards professionalism.
    All above are my personal experience.

    Learn Along With Earn.

  • There are some genuine sites for online data entry works.
    But we have to identify the genuineness.
    I can suggest some sites as follows
    1. Amazone affiliates

  • Do note that data entry work comes with many hooks and issues. So it is always better to avoid them as much as possible. For example some of the data entry work has penalty system where you take the work and if not completed would end up having some fine or so.

    Apart from data entry work, I'd say focus on content writing jobs. Those jobs can pay very good amount. And their demand in the market seems to be very high too. Many people are doing the content writing, editing and transcription jobs on everyday basis.

    You can start by writing at iwriter and textbroker. And from here onwards you can apply for more higher jobs. This way you can make some decent money. Though you need to work harder and complete the projects on time. Do note that article writing can be tiring work if you are not charging high later once you build enough reasonable portfolio.

  • Your situation is same like others and they also would like to earn some money from part time work. There are people who would like to earn money from few hours spending and doing some Data entry / Typing work, but unfortunately they don't get good placement or they get cheated in one or other way.

    The situation of their economical also same, yes, they also unable to save money from current salary and would like to spend few hours to earn little money and finally most of them fall prey somewhere.

    I would like to suggest (though not recommending) all of you that work in the site (like this one ISC) and try to contribute, move slowly and improve yourself for any role you get sooner or later. Initially hard to earn from this site as well but believe me you can earn decent amount monthly if you know where and how to contribute well. So, try for few weeks or months after experimenting different section.

    Also, it is possible that you may also can get Google AdSense one or the other day which is like an additional revenue for contribution. If you really would like to do Data entry job part time then try to search them in any nearest place like offline job which might help you on this.

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