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    What is the meaning of backlog in a subject in degree course of a deemed University?

    What is the consequence of getting backlog? Can you get promoted to the next class with a series of backlogs?

    So many student studying UG course like BDS, MBBS, B TECH etc. promoted to the next class but with backlog in a subject. I came to know that in some case more than 50% student are facing backlog. Does a deemed / private University do it knowingly to generate income? A student with how many backlogs can be promoted to next class?
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  • Backlog means number of subjects which have not been cleared in exams i.e., it refers to the number of subjects failed by a student.

    In professional courses like MBBS, BDS etc..... one subject which is not cleared will be excused. However, students studying in degree courses like B.Com., B.A, etc..... do not have any such restriction in backlogs and can have as many but degree will be provided to them only when they clear all backlog subjects.

    Benefits of backlog system is that semester or year will not be wasted and students can appear to the examination of failed subject in next semester or year.

  • Backlogs are the subjects which have not been cleared in a semester examination and the aspirant is allowed to proceed ahead for the next term with the condition that the previous papers would be cleared in the next attempt. Such provisions are existing in BDS, B.Tech and MBBS courses.
    In respect of students studying B.A, B.Com and B.Sc such provisions has not been made. Take an example of a student of B.Sc part one, he cannot be promoted to B.Sc part 2 unless he clears all the papers of part one.
    No, the deemed universities are not making any income by indulging in such practices rather it is their attempt to provide the chance to the aspirants to persue their studies further with the expectation that they would clear all the backlogs prior to completion of the final examination.
    Normally, four backlogs out of eight are allowed in B.Tech course to carry over for the next session and this will varry from university to university.

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