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    What is maximum height difference between couples?

    There is a difference of height between me and my fiance. How to convince my family to marry a guy who is shorter in height than me?

    Am having a height of 179 cm and my fiance having height of 152 cm without heals.We love each other by last 3 years.Actually my parents don't have much interest in this proposal.My question is that, what all problems should I have to face after marriage? What do you think about our height difference, can u please help, me by giving some suggestions to make my fiance looks taller?
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  • Height is not the alone criteria to live together happily. Before falling in love, you might have observed so many pros and cons in your fiancé. Likewise your fiancé must have seen so many good and bad qualities in you. Based on that both are loving each other. Why you are asking about height difference only? In our society examples are there, where wife is taller than her husband but they are living together very happily. In some cases, wife is too short and living a very happy life. So go ahead. Do not consider her height as an obstacle.

  • Height does not create any problem in the love - relationship but there are certain important parameters such as mutual understanding, mutual trust, tolerance and better appreciation for each other and by having these, the lives after marriage would be enjoyable.
    We have seen many couples in the society where the husband is lesser height than wife or the vice - versa, but there exists the perfect harmony between the two. There was height imbalance between Sri Lal Bahadur Sastri ex PM and Lalitajee but despite this they maintained perfect harmony in their conjugal - life.
    Hence, you should wipe out your negativity with respect to difference of height.

  • To live a blissful conjugal life, only one thing is required; it is mental compatibility. Mental compatibility in turn depends upon various factors like family background, educational qualification, mental wave-length, ability to adapt in new situations, etc. However, height of the couple is NOT one of those factors. I have seen a young couple in Calcutta. Husband was more than 7 feet (yes, 7 feet!) and the wife was less than 5 feet. They looked very odd to others, but they immensely enjoyed each other's company and used to lead a blissful conjugal life despite sarcastic comments from the neighbours.

    So, if both of you are mentally compatible, enjoy each other's company and ready to live life together, incompatibility in height does not matter.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

  • If all other factors are acceptable, you you think that height can be an option to accept or not to accept your partner? Marriage is a relation of two souls and souls do not have physical structures.
    I have seen people doubting about their family extension when there is a considerable height difference is there. But please note that such belief is baseless and height difference will not create any problem afterwards.
    If that is the only reason you parents are not ready to accept her or not showing interest, please give them an advice to discuss the same with your family doctor and he will clear all the doubts.


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  • Every human is a precious gift of God. You are tall because God created you tall, your fiancee is short because God created so.
    You are in love. That is the best thing. Love cannot be measured.
    There are people who are too short than the spouse, even celebrities.
    So keep loving, tell your parents " we are in love"
    Conses of mind is most important.
    You can meet some marriage counsellors for further advise, if you feel to be.

  • I had many occasions to hear about this kind of discussion. I know a person who was quite conscious of his tall personality and was in search for an equally matching bride. Sorry to say, he still remains a bachelor past his prime now.
    At that time itself, when a good proposal was brought and he was not agreeing due the height difference, I cited the example of the happy life of a famous actor couple in Hindi cinema. The husband was very tall and the wife stood much below him in height. They are still a respectable pair.

    My suggestion is that if you are both sincerely in affection, then do not bother about the height difference. Never bother again also. Other people do not bother much about these things if you both are happy and mutually affectionate and adjusting. Convince your parents about the other positive factors in the relationship if height difference bothers them.

    Your bride can appear to be taller by suitably selecting the dress she wears, making hair style also suitable to appear tall and using a properly comfortable high heeled footwear. You can consult professional dressers or experienced people in this regard. Proper stretching exercise can also make some difference, if practiced under supervision of a qualified experienced tutor. Unlike men,it needs just a little adjustment to make women look taller.

  • My blessing to both of you. Please keep in mind that height is not going to make any difference in your after marriage life. Do you love your fiance on the base of your heights? Then why are you afraid of it. Just see in the society around you? You will find so many successful couples, where height do not make any sense. Some times bride is taller than groom and in some case both are having same height. But they live together very happily. Your parents knows everything about you. Be positive and approach to your parents. They will consider your case on number of parameters. For them height is not the only parameter. Your parents will give best decision for you.

  • I know a few happy couples where wife is taller than husband. Appearane not at all matters. What matters is Love and understanding and respect for each other.

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