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    Victim of cybercrime and misuse of documents.

    Misuse of credit card by an imposter to launder money from ICICI bank. ICICI bank blocked my salary account, due to credit card fraud done by someone else.

    I was working in a company in Noida in 2003. There an employe Man preet Singh who claimed that his room partner is working for ICICI bank took my documents to apply for ICICI credit card. After few days he absconded . I called ICICI bank and informed to block any applications on my name fearing misuse of my documents. Now after 3 years When I opened a new salary account in ICICI Bangalore. Got a bill of 48000 of that credit card. On enquiry I came to know that they got Card on my name and misused it. Mobile number and address used by them was fake. E mail id too was fake. Now I am forced to pay that amount as ICICI have blocked my salary account. I already filed an E FIR in New Ashok Nagar Police station but no response till now.I already paid 24000. Remaining I have to pay. What can I do?
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  • It is so sad that things went the way you never wanted them to. One thing, follow up your case at the police and let them force the bank to show proof that it was you who processed the credit card and you who owes them money. It is sad to make you pay for what you never used yet people who did it are busy enjoying and free. And if any success comes out, the bank must pay you all monies you spent.

  • I think you are going through the right set of process here. In between you need to open the salary account with different bank account. This way you can make sure that your salary is being credited. Every company allows attaching to your own savings account in another bank instead of using company salary account. For temporary measure you need to do just that.

    Your current mode of action of going through legal process is a good way to go. And for resolving this through ombudsman is another option. And here you have to explain the case as well. You can't make the identity fraudsters admit their mistake because that is the job of police. If the police fails to do their job, you just have to prove that you are being manipulated here. That should be enough in front of the ombudsman to carry on your case.

    It's very serious case and you have very limited space here to sort your way around. So make sure to give HR your alternative bank account in between to get salary. And also make sure to prove this identity theft case using cyber crime branch's help.

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