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    Media effect on the Indian army stratergies

    Why should media cover the entire plan and progress of the antiterrorism departments in India? Is media disclosing all the strategies of Indian army to the terrorists before it is intended?

    Hello, I want an opinion on something, we all know what is the current situation between Pakistan and India and we are aware of the damages which are being caused to the country we all come to know about everything at the click of the button whether it is computers, mobile, t.v, newspapers etc like at present our honorable army officers remove different strategies to face the terror but broadcasting their strategies and giving us the updates is fine but don't you'll think that even the terrorist get an idea about the plan and therefore, such things should not be shown on media so we can be on the stronger part.
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  • The media which reports about the military strategies would have been invited and escorted safely by the armed force personnel. Some amount of such reporting of open strategies and exercises are needed to be brought to the people to keep their(people's) confidence and pride about the armed forces. It also helps to show that there is some transparency and our armed forces are not doing any dirty actions, but the duty bound action of defending the nation and its territory. Lack of such genuine reporting can lead to rumours and false news spreading which may be counter productive. Sometime such things are needed to deliberately mislead the enemies also.

    Even then there is a small percentage of media establishments or media personnel who indulge in spreading concocted and imaginary stories. People have to be aware of them. The genuine reporting by established media houses and nationalist media help to expose the rumour mongers and make factual reporting.

    However the 'real strategies ' which are to be kept secret only are not revealed. Those which are revealed are otherwise also prone to be obtained by satellite surveillance or other ground military intelligence of other countries.

  • There are differences between strategy and responsibility. I would like to explain the difference between strategy and responsibility with a practical example. Uri attack happened of September 18. 17 soldiers died on the spot and 3 died later in the hospital. It created turbulence not only among the bureaucratic level but also among the common masses. In this situation, it is government's responsibility to inform the people about the actions it is going to take against such attacks. Government promptly answered the people that the hands behind Uri attack will not go unpunished and also PM Modi quoted that the Martyrdom of Indian soldiers will not go in vain. This is responsibility.

    Pakistan was expecting a military retaliation from India. But India concentrated on isolating Pakistan from the global level through diplomatic stances. The turbulence across the border suppressed and while Pakistan was not expecting military retaliation, India entered into POK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir) and conducted surgical strikes and came back home like a boss. This is called as the strategy.

    To add some more facts, I would say that government and army will keep the strategy completely secret. Only DGMO (Direct General of Military Operations), PM, Defence Minister and Army Chiefs will know about the military actions. Even the soldiers who were to be involved in the strike will be informed the day before. Sometimes, the army will let out news about their strategy which is also a part of the strategy (usually done to confuse enemies).

  • The current media has a lot of communist views where India is being painted evil by showing they are the one doing something wrong with Kashmir. This is something taking quite a lot of time to get over. Pakistan is using this media along with Kashmir locals to show that surgical strike also means india is the terrorists state. This attempt was ridiculed in the International media plenty of times. However the Indian media along with the non ruling parties want to use this issue as a way to trap the government. As the current government has done nothing wrong so far in their ruling so this has definitely affected.

    The surgical strike was a necessity and it is one of the thing that needs to be done. But the way aftermath is being tackled by non patriotic people. I think that needs to be addressed as well.

    The way India handled the isolation part for the pakistan. How Pakistan itself is making itself isolated from other nations. It goes to show that the problem always remained with them and surgical strike should not paint india as wrong the way media is trying to do.

  • I have read the question. It is certainly a relevant question today. I would like to state that every Command (Northern/Eastern/Western/Central/Southern/Training/South-Western) of Indian Army has a designated PRO. He interacts with the reporters. For conveying/mentioning important policy and operational decisions, generally Army Chief, Area Commanders, Corps Commanders, Lt. General rank-holding Officers and designated Army Spokesperson interact with reporters. Only the minimal level of information is passed on to the reporters. The DGMO's recent press conference after the surgical strike is an apt example.

    Most of the reporters have no responsibility of reporting. They don't bother about ethics of journalism. They have little knowledge of operational details. They only bother about circulation and TRP. This has been evident since the Kargil War in 1999. So, Indian Armed Forces take necessary precaution while interacting with reporters.

    "If you are killed in action, you go to Heaven. If you win, you rule this Earth (as beautiful as Heaven). That is why, O son of Kunti, take a firm resolve and fight!"-- Shrimad Bhagwad Gita

  • In these days we have to think about media for its constructive role or destructive role of our country. Media always wants to show the matter which should not be shown to the public. By the news the people think negatively about our country, in these days. Some operations of defense sector should always be kept secret. Not only defense but also some secrets of a country. But in these days we see that the media pokes its nose into some country secrets with the help of some indiscreet people. Actually the normal people need not any answers from army but they want live safely in this country. Then what is the purpose to get answers from army. If some intellectuals want about that matter they can know secretly but not publicly because it is the matter of a national security.

    Any government no need to prove about our security forces, for the safety of our nation which means citizens of our country. Of course there are some good news channels which think about our country and play a constructive role in our nation, which do not want to leak our secrets to the world.

  • While broadcasting news from Military Services, media should exercise maximum care. Director General Military Operation or any authorized military spokesperson should talk to media. It is responsibility of the media personnel to broadcast same information as received from authorized military sources. Do not add any thing to gain TRP to your channel.

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