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    What should I do for higher studies

    Working in an IT company as a software developer. I want to do higher studies or master's degree along with my software job.

    Myself Sunil Tiwari, I have complete by BSc(IT) from Mumbai university in the year of 2014 and now I am working in IT company as a software developer on .NET technology, I have more than 2 years experience, but still I want to do further study like a MSc(IT) or MCA.But I have no idea what should be better for me.
    Will any one suggest me what should I do and one more thing I want do this master degree with my job too.
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  • MCA and Msc IT both are having same scope.
    The core difference is that the MCA leads to a Job of Managerial Skill.
    The best recommended universities for MCA, Distant Education are :
    1. IGNOU, Indira Gandhi Open Univerisity
    2.Amity School of distance Learning
    3Annamaili Univeristy
    4.Madurai Kamaraj Univeristy
    5.Delhi University

  • * If you want to pursue your job along with your studies then you need to do your further education through distance learning courses.

    * When it comes to getting better job aspects then you must know that job industry treats MCA as a professional degree and thus MCA scholars are better paid in comparison to M.Sc(IT) candidates.

    * MCA is of 3 years duration and the student learns to develop software applications, computing, mathematics, business functioning, etc.

    * If you pursue MCA then you will be able to work as a system analyst, hardware engineer, software developer, etc.

    * M.Sc.IT is of 2 years duration and you will be taught networking, database, system programming, etc.

    * If you pursue M.Sc.IT then you will be able to work as web developer, support administrator, IT consultant, etc.

  • Since you have completed B.Sc(IT) and still interested to proceed further for higher studies, you can choose M.Sc( IT) where in you will have detailed studies in Networking, Database and System - programming and such modules will help you to have sound concept in these areas. With the mastery in this areas, you may be assigned to the job of IT consultant, Support- developer, Software, etc.
    Of course, MCA's are always leading in terms of employment, since it is a three year course giving you in depth exposure in functional areas, computation, familiarity with different modules such as Java- application, C++, Oracle application etc. Considering the course span between MCA( three year course) and M.Sc(IT) consisting of two year course, the former seems to be superior in terms of enriching various modules.
    You can pursue your course with IGNOU, Symbiosis, Annamalai - university and Utkal - university - distance education mode etc. These purses are well recognised and have approval of ministry, HRD.

  • Its good you have pursued the Bsc(IT) from the Mumbai University and working as a software developers on .NET Technology for two years. The choice of education for a Masters degree is your choice for
    your own career. Mostly the MSc (IT), since its a good combination of education most of them have studied. The Msc(IT) is a good combination since its for two years and gives training on the enormous
    technologies in understanding and working on practical labs. This combination usually comes for the Bsc (IT) its a also a good option because its a professional way of same study and improvement in the
    career ladder.

    Students after pursuing the B.C.A mostly opt for M.C.A since its the same line of talent and application for working on the computers. Since B.C.A is for three years and M.C.A is also for three years its a good opportunity to fetch a job and earn money.
    Mostly the Full time study has a lot of strength than the distance education in every aspect. This will be shown in the career ladder when the salary package comes in for doing the work. The package will be high
    for those persons who choose the same stream of education and becoming a Masters in the same stream and developing their skills and earning more in the aspects.

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