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    Is there any treatment of Kleptomania?

    Complaints against an employee of petty theft. Is there any treatment of Kleptomania? How to cure Kleptomaniac patients at office?

    In my office, I have been receiving complaints against one particular employee regarding petty theft. Most probably, the employee has kleptomaniac tendency. Now, as the Head of the Administration (Personnel) Division, can I suggest him (or his family members) to visit a psychiatrist for the treatment of this problem? I would also like to know whether a psychiatrist can treat a kleptomaniac.

    Experts may kindly give suitable guidance in this regard.
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  • As you noted Kleptomania is a tendency to steal things.
    It comes under Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
    Me, being interested in Life Coaching, I would like to suggest the following:
    1. Make the employee aware of the problem, and advise him it can be controlled or cured.
    2. Give him loving advises, keeping in mind he will repeat it.
    3. Advise him to do spiritual exercises, including yoga.
    4. Advise him to meet a therapist/counselling expert.
    5. Meeting an expert homeopathy physician is also advisable.

    Note : Age. Education, Marital status can also contribute to resolve the issue.

  • * Yes, you should recommend your employee suffering from kleptomania to go and seek advice from psychiatrist. This is because treatment of kleptomania not only requires medication but also psychotherapy.

    * Medication can be of great help cannot be claimed when it comes to treatment of kleptomania. However, certain antidepressants help the patient as kleptomania is often associated with depression and stress.

    * Opiod antagonist is a drug which is an addiction medication and will help patient to come out of his addiction of stealing.

    * More than medicine, psychotherapy will help these kind of patients greatly. Cognitive behavioral therapy is a form of psychotherapy which includes various techniques like aversion therapy, convert sensitization and systematic desensitization.

    * Aversion therapy teaches a person some painful techniques like holding breath or pinching oneself whenever an urge of stealing occurs to him so that feeling passes away.

    * Convert sensitization is a technique in which patient is made to concentrate on the consequences he is going to experience after he has stolen something and he does this through his imagination.

    * Systematic desensitization is a technique which mainly concentrates on relaxation of patient and controlling urge to steal is also taking place by relaxation.

    * Support and compassion is essential before, during and after treatment and thus continue to do so.

    * Make him join support groups which will help him to deal with this disorder in a better way.

  • Kleptomania is a Cognitive Obsessive Disorder and is a pointer of dis-balanced personalities. It is not that they are not ashamed of it and in fact, they feel guilty of it. There are certain tips which will help them in coming out of the present impasse.
    1) The patients can note down the mode of pleasures that they derive by stealing the articles of others. A reflection of their true emotions would help the Nuero - doctors to pinpoint the exact cause of remedy.
    2) Since the Homeopathy is the branch of treatment dealing with mental - conditions of the patients, a detailed discussion by a competent Homeopath would address your issue.With their investigations, they would prescribe medicines suiting to your condition. Nux - vomica, Sulphur, Bellodona, Lycopodium, Ars - alb, Mag- Mur etc are very effective provided they have examined your case.
    3) While dealing with such patients, take him into confidence so that he can be comfortable with you.
    4) By involving in the Yoga - therapy under the guidance of an expert,
    he may find a lot of relief mentally.
    5) There are a lot of effective drugs to take care of the acute depression. Revia, Vivitrol and other antidepressant medications would be helpful to him and these medicines should be taken under the advice of medical - experts.
    6) Acupuncture treatments are also effective if one has a proper guidance in this regard.

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