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    Precautions after family planning operation

    What are the benefits and side effects of a family planning operation among women? Cite the precautions to be taken by women after a family planning operation.

    What precautions are needed to be taken by women after a family planning operation and for how long should it be???
    What are the benefits and side effects for women after the operation?
    Please help with the answers..
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  • For family planning so many methods are available. Tubectomy or Vasectomy is the most effective method of birth control. Tubectomy or Tubal Ligation is a surgical method of sterilization done in women. This is considered a permanent method of sterilization and birth control.


    Post surgery advisory are issued by the concerned doctor and some medicines are prescribed by the doctor to be taken after surgery. You have to adhere strictly with advisory issued by doctor and medicines are to be taken timely. Diet chart is also part of advisory issued by doctor.

    Benefits and side effect

    Birth control enhances financial growth of family due to fewer dependent children and hence women can participate in workforce. Another benefit is reducing the number of unplanned pregnancies.

  • Precautions women need to take after family planning operation are:-
    1) Take complete rest for couple of days as it is natural to feel weak and a little uncomfortable due to general anesthesia given during operation.
    2) Slight pain and bleeding will be observed but if it gets worsen then immediately consult your doctor. Taking painkillers prescribed can relieve pain to some extent.
    3) Avoid lifting heavy objects for at least a week after operation.
    4) Dressing over wound can be taken off very next day.
    5) Some sutures are dis solvable and thus do not require removal. However, if sutures are not dis-solvable then you need to go back to the hospital to get them removed.
    6) One can get involved physically but proper contraception for certain duration is required. In case of tubal occlusion, contraception until first period is recommended and in case of hysteroscopic sterilization, contraception should be followed for 3 months.

    Benefits of operation:-
    1) These kinds of operations prevent pregnancy in 99% cases.
    2) Sex drive is not affected at all.
    3) Hormone levels too do not get affected.
    4) It will protect against ovarian cancer.
    5) It will provide protection against pelvic inflammatory disease.

    Side effects of operation:-
    1) There is a risk of infection.
    2) There is a risk for abscess formation of wounds.
    3) Slight risk of internal bleeding.
    4) There is a possibility of operation to fail due to rejoining of fallopian tubes which is very rare.

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