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    What is necromancy? Is it some kind of witchcraft?

    Please provide information on necromancy? Has necromancy and witchcraft any similarity?

    Some days ago I have come across a term called 'necromancy'. I have checked the dictionary to find the meaning of the word, but I am not fully satisfied with the meaning. Is the word 'necromancy' related to 'necrophilia'? Is it related to some type of witchcraft, or is it a psychological disorder?

    Experts may kindly answer. Relevant link/news-link may also be provided (if possible), to study the matter further.
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  • Necro means dead in Latin. Necromancy is the art of communicating with dead. It is not connected to Necrophilia. Necrophilia is an attraction towards a corpse. In necrophilia, no communication takes place.
    Necromancers can solve riddles designed by spirits.

    In order to summon the spirits they draw complex geometrical diagrams. So they are closely related to witches and sorcerers.
    They can even manipulate the spirits and enslave them.
    For centuries these necromancers were appointed by kings as their chief advisers,because they master the art of Fortune telling and Weather predicting.

    Although the psychologists believe that these necromancers were suffering with schizophrenia or paranoia which made them think they saw and heard spirits.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

  • Necromancy means the communication with the spirit world or the world of dead. The necrophilia means the attraction towards the dead body or the dead person. Necromancy is superstitious belief that one can communicate with the dead. Whereas the necrophilia is more of mental disorder in which the person gets attracted towards the dead person or the dead body.

    Both of them are not related to the witchcraft in a direct way. In case of the witchcraft it doesn't deal with the dead. There are many categories of witchcraft. White witchcraft deals with the making use of natural elements for benefit of self or others. This is the category of pagans. In black crafts or dark arts of witchcraft it deals with sinister intentions to use the witchcraft for self benefit or destructive purpose. In this type of the witchcraft the necromancy also plays role if one wants to make use of the dead. In dark witchcraft necrophilia has a role but how necromancers and necrophiliacs make use of the art is not much revealed. Satanic rituals usually make use of necrophiliacs ability to make use of the dead as medium for spirits.

    Considering this is family safe website. I don't think linking those websites would be a right way. Also if you wish to dig more deep into this. Please find a way to access deepweb and see the links related to the witchcraft. You'd get more real information than speculation. Do note that if you're faint hearted, avoid going to such websites.

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