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    How to become a fashion cunsultant after completing bcom 3rd yr?

    Want a successful career in the fashion industry. How to learn about fashion and styling after completing graduation?

    I have an inclination towards fashion and styling little bit, so I want to become a fashion consultant after completing my final year. Please guide me by providing the whole procedure to achieve my goal as I didn't know about it and want your help so that I could have a successful career in this field.
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  • * To become a fashion consultant you need to earn a degree in the same field. Since now you are in your B.Com final year, I would recommend you to do your post graduation or diploma in fashion designing. This will give you a lot of experience in this field.
    Without a proper education, it is difficult to achieve success.

    * While you are completing your education, you can earn some money as well as experience by working as a personal shopper, assistant or retail manager in some boutique. You might have heard about image consultant. You can work under them to gain all that experience you will be needing in your future for fashion consultancy.

    * Your styling too is important especially when you are in public. Thus, work on it and always look presentable.

    * Keep yourself updated with the changing trends that are appearing in fashion industry.

    * Once you start working under other fashion consultants, you will gain a lot of knowledge with respect to dealing with clients. You then can start your own fashion consultant business part time and deal with clients on your own. Once you do it, you will be able to build clients.

    * Work with salons, spas, as well as with interior and fashion designers so that you will gain lots of experience as well as it will lead to trading business contacts.

  • Fashion designing and fashion consulting is one of the field which has very good potential in modern times due to more and more awareness of young masses towards fashion. The effect of western society and foreign films are also adding seed for this inclination.
    Strictly speaking a degree in fashion technology is required for entering this field but as it is said - if there is a will there is a way - one can try.
    In such cases one can go for a short course in fashion technology to get a feel of the subject and then can gradually add to his knowledge through reading latest periodicals and magazines.
    Actually every area has its challenges and fashion technology is no exception. One has to put lot of efforts and labor to go ahead successfully. Joining a life style business organization is also a good proposition and once experienced one can try for independent venture.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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