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    How to control Hair falling, By an Ayurvedic way?

    At the age of 30 too much hair fall. Hair fall since childhood. What are the best treatments to stop hair fall.

    My age is 30 years, I am living in Hyderabad from last six years. My hair falling is continuing from 6 years. Is it matter on places or not. It is possible any ayurvedic way to treatment of hair falling. I am using daily dandruff control shampoo, hair conditioner and also using vitamin E hair oil. Always protect hair from fine dust by cap, maintained 6-10 mm length hair.
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  • Three things to be done when you are suffering from hair loss issues.

    1. Meditation to avoid stress and depression.
    2. Aloe vera extract (raw) on head.
    3. Medicine that doctors prescribe.

    Most of the psychological issue is exists can stop the hair fall if you get over the stress and the meditation. It is not easy but if you work hard enough then it is totally doable. I have also found out the benefits of the meditation in such case.

    Aloe vera is known to stop the hair fall. it has helped a lot to many and to use the raw gel of the aloe vera, you don't need doctors permission. It's pretty natural and home remedy to stop the hair loss.

    Ayurvedic medicines are there. But which is more effective and based on the cause people can suggest you the right medicine. I suggest checking out the ayurveda doctor and take his suggestion in order to work on the symptoms.

  • Hair fall depends on 4 main reasons. First is dandruff, second is unclean scalp, third is stress and fourth important reason is improper intake of nutrition from diet. If you are suffering from even one of these things then definitely you will be facing hair loss.

    Yes, water of certain places will have an impact on hair health. However, you need to focus less on that and more on other reasons by which you can prevent hair fall.

    Ayurvedic treatment to prevent hair fall:-
    * Boil margosa leaves in enough water. Cool, filter it and then keep it stored. Twice a week use it to rinse your hair.

    * Remove the seeds of amla and then extract its juice. To its juice add half a lemon juice. Apply this mixture on your scalp for half an hour and then rinse with warm water.

    * Ayurveda believes that hair fall is due to pitta dosha and thus to correct it, you need to avoid consumption of excessive fried and spicy foods and limit intake of tea, coffee and alcohol.

    * Bhringraj which is also available in the form of powder can be used as hair conditioner by making a paste of it in warm water. This paste should be applied to scalp and hair for at least 30 minutes. If you can get in reach of this plant then freshly cut leaves are more effective.

    *Regularly apply paste of neem leaves on scalp which will help in reducing dandruff and strengthening of roots. It promotes hair growth as it increases hair circulation.

    * Sleep for at least 8 hours and remain free from stress.

    Other Ayurvedic herbs which will help in prevention of hair fall are:-
    * Ritha,
    * Shikakai,
    * Brahmi,
    * Methi,
    * Aloe vera etc.....

  • Hair - fall is the result of our stressful life and lack of the sleep aggravates the hair - fall and in order to curb this malady, following tips would be helpful-
    1) Intake of Amla - powder of approx one GM twice daily would improve the immune system and the Amla is an herb which can alleviate Pitta - Dosha- the chief reason of the hair fall.
    2)Aloe Vera - Aloe - Vera has the quality of arrest the hair fall and hence this can be applied externally on the scalp for 30 minutes daily to get result and also Aloe- Vera juice should be consumed.
    3) Mahabhringraj oil - Regular application Mahabhringraj - oil on the scalp and thorough massaging for ten minutes prior to going to bed would be benificial to strengthen the roots of the hair.
    4) Ingestion of Methi in the morning left soaked with water overnight would arrest the hair - fall since it contains abundant amount of Calcium and Magnesium.
    5) Aswagandha - powder if ingested twice daily to the tune of 2 GM daily would nourish overhaul health including the arrest of hair fall.
    6) Boil at lest ten Margossa - leaves in water containing 200 ml of water and boiling is to be continued till the volume of water is reduced to half, this may be applied on the scalp after cooling and let it remain on the scalp area for at least half an hour, regular doing this would strengthen the roots of hair.
    Care has to taken that you are not over - stressed and a deep rest for eight hours is essential in order to avoid the hair - fall. TSH of your blood may be tested since hair - fall has been noticed in case of hypothyroidism.

  • Thanks to all above experts for giving valuable answers about the hair falling.

    "Knowledge is power"

  • It is needed to know reason for hair falling first.

    Lack of sleep, Tension and stress, impure water, deficiency in nutrients, some chemicals in water and medicines.
    Try to get proper sleep by following healthy habit. Avoid tension by spending some time in good entertainment, prayers and simple exercises.
    Eat balanced food. Avoid foods that are very spicy. Take fruits after meals .

    For some time try by reducing the frequency of shampoo and conditioner. Use shikakai powder or hibiscus powder for hair wash. Dandruff becomes more if you use thick oils and you get exposed to dust much. You may use coconut oil.

    Dry hair well by towel after taking head bath. In summer and warm climate, you may use coconut hair oil containing camphor.

    In ayurvedic medical stores you can get Neelibhringadi, Kesavardhini,Bhringaraj or some other popular named hair oils. Ask for coconut base ones. You may also meet an Ayurvedic doctor in this regard.

    Sometimes heredity also plays some part in hair fall. But premature balding and premature greying can be prevented and controlled by ayurvedic medicines and external applications. prescribed by a qualified Ayurvedic doctor.

  • Hair fall is inevitable. It can't be altogether stopped. It can only be minimised. Rate of hair fall depends upon various factors. It may be hereditary or unclean skull.

    If the reason of hair fall is unclean skull or dandruff, home-made mixture of Amla, Ritha and Shikai or Aloe Vera extract will definitely solve the problem.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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