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    Regarding Samsung Galaxy J200G Mobile Phone

    I purchased Samsung Galaxy J200G (Android) mobile phone which is not working as good as my Nokia phone. What to do if the talk time gets exhausted after a short duration in my airtel SIM?

    A few days back I purchased Samsung Galaxy J200G (Android) mobile phone. But till date I have not been able to use it properly. I have been using airtel sim card in that phone. Whenever I recharge my phone, my talk time gets consumed within very short time. Even I can't access internet comfortably. 500 MB came down to 2 MB only within 2 days. Then it showed that I had no talk time, only emergency calls were allowed. I got puzzled. Even I can't use Whats App. Though I have that application in my phone.

    On the other hand since after April 2016, I have been using Nokia 215 ordinary phone. In this phone also I use airtel sim card. I recharge this phone with Rs 222/-(talktime) powered by Rs. 78/-. With this recharge I can talk comfortably for more than one month. I don't have to face any problem.

    With the above mentioned Galaxy J2 Android phone, no literature was given for proper guidance.
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  • It seems the phone's internet service are connected to servers and downloading the background updates. Considering the data is very important to you, the setting has to be made for letting the update run over only with Wifi. Because if you don't let the updates run over by the Wifi, then you may get into trouble with the background update eating your bandwidth and data. Setting this on mobile data has resulted in all this balance drop and data being used.

    One more important thing you can do is go to settings > Sync. Set this option to the Wifi only. Same with the google services. Set the update over Wifi setting. Make sure to not allow mobile data when you're not using the internet. This setting needs to be done from the top drop down menu. This way you are only using the phone to call. And no automatic internet connection is being made.

    If you have set your phone for the personal hotspot then you have to also disable that settings. It may take some time for this but you can easily do this if you find your way to disable services that run in the background.

  • Yes Mahesh! Thanks a lot for your answer. But I have not been able to find out the option 'Sync' under settings. Also I have not been able to find out the option 'update' under google services.

    Another problem I have been facing with that phone; after charging the phone (100%), the charge comes down 0% within a very short time which is quite abnormal. After this the phone gets switched off automatically. Every day I, first switch on the phone, fully charge the phone. Then the same problem recurs. That's why ultimately I had to stop using this phone.

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