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    Now I am fifty five plus. I am PGDCA two times. Then I completed MCA at a very later stage in my career in 2011. In 2014 I had to leave my job due to some personal problems which are now over. There are some sectors where aged and experienced persons are needed.

    I want to explore those sectors based in Kolkata. Because at this moment leaving Kolkata for jobs, is not possible. How can I proceed?

    Awaiting response.
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  • You may prepare a resume reflecting your wide experience.
    Focus your area of experience in the resume.
    Register your job requirements with Job Consultants in " Retired Category"
    I hope your profile will suit for Computer Institutions, Schools, Social Organisations etc.
    But since you are a MCA holder, if you are good in programming or computer related works, it will suit you.
    You can post ads for jobs showing your profile.
    You can have a franchise of computer business also.

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