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    How to plan a personal tour to a tourist place within India

    Planning a vacation with children? Unsure of how to plan the tour? Find ample advice on this page to plan the tour.

    How to choose the tourist place based on climatic condition. I have a daughter and a son. They are pursuing Under Graduate courses of Medical and Engineering. I have to plan the tour according to vacation in their colleges. Only Dusahara vacation vacation of one week and summer vacation of 10 days coincides for both the children. Now I need suggestion to plan a tour within India where I can go in the month of June and October? And the place must be good enough to enjoy with children.
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  • I have seen the question only today, i.e., after the Dussehra. So, I can't comment on seven days trip on Dussehra during the current year. However, you can plan a Dussehra trip to Kulu, Mysore or Kolkata during the Dussera vacation of next year. The celebration of Durga Pooja and Dussehra of these three places are world-famous and people from all over the world come to these three places to enjoy the unique experience. You can also do the same. Seven day trip is perfect during Dussehra.

    So far as summer holidays are concerned, generally people visit hill-stations during summer. You have not mentioned your present location, so specific advice can't be given. However, I would advise you to plan 10-day trip to such hill stations which are still not very popular. You can enjoy the pristine beauty of nature and all-pervading calm in such hill stations. Please see the link on some less-popular hill stations of West Bengal. Similar hill-stations can be found in Himachal Praesh, Uttarakhand, North-Eastern states, Ladakh and even in Maharashtra. You can explore these hill-stations.

    The link:-
    Some lesser-known hill stations of West Bengal

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  • You can plan Dussehra trip to Mysore, Bangalore and Ooty during the Dussehra vacation in a single trip. Dussehra festival of Mysore is very famous and attractive.
    As I know that you live in Hyderabad both the Dussehra and summer trip will be economical and less time consuming. So you can plan your summer holidays to visit Kodaiknal, Madurai, Rameshwaram and kanyakumari in a single trip. You can read my article on South India trip for more information whose "url" is as follows-

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