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    Need the nature of work in Content writing jobs.

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    What is the nature of work in content writing /content milling ?
    Can anyone provide me a brief on this kind of job? What is the basic qualification required for this kind of job? What is average salary got?
    Experts: do advice and provide sites/URLs for the same.
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  • Content writing jobs usually require a lot of effort and quality content on a daily basis. You need to write on a topic that comes to you based on the keyword. So your capacity to be comfortable with the content is very important.

    Companies that hire the content writer for their startup or the service based business have the following jobs for the content writer.

    1. Ability to represent the company on social media.
    2. Write the content to represent the company on blogs.
    3. Write guest post content that attracts the customers to the brand.
    4. Write the formal company content for the users and the employees.
    5. Handle PR and social side of the branding to make sure you manage the reputation and help the customers.

    These are the tasks pretty much common with the content writer and social media PR person. Depending on the type of the work you do the number of tasks that you can do for company will vary. For example work at companies such as scoopwhoop would be different than the IndiaTimes and other similar websites.

    Most of the content writer with journalism and digital marketing background get the salary anywhere from 25K to 65K. Depending on the type of work they do and the amount of workload they have for product or service business the package will vary.

    Some of the companies which you can try are - Aptara, IndiaTimes, Scoopwhoop, ContentMart etc. And there are some of the online remote working jobs with less or more regular work. So it depends on who is hiring you and how regular work you're getting.

  • What is the nature of work in content writing /content milling ?

    Ans: The content writer has to write an article or brief summary or review of a particular 'niche' or 'source' assigned to him / her by the webmaster or organization. The content must be a professional one, it could be on any topic based on the requirement of the source or blog or general trends.

    Can anyone provide me a brief on this kind of job?

    Ans: There are many websites or webmasters are publishing their requirement of the content writer to fulfill their needs of content writing and publishing the post on their blog. So, if you have enough communication skills in English, able to write any 'niche' or a particular 'niche' then you can apply for the same. Yes, they might test you in the beginning by giving some topic which you know and check the overall draft on how you had written, is it copied?, quality, length of the article, points of the article, important keywords, required image tag, video tag, html tag etc. and other grammar too, once you done everything perfect they might assign some other content writing job to fulfill their requirement.

    What is the basic qualification required for this kind of job?
    Ans: If you are qualified above HSC or Degree and able to write quality articles (with strong communication skills) then you are eligible to get this kind of job.

    What is average salary got?
    Ans: It depends on the company, some company pays high package for the content writer profession and some pay very less or pay per word counts. It depends on the company's budget, so, it is all about your choices too. If you are new to content writing job, then agree the package whatever you get, learn more for a few months or a year and then move to a different place later.

    If you are already one of the top content writers then many organization will automatically approach you to hire by just seeing your wonderful work online. Thus, nothing to worry and you may demand as you like. However, try to create a free blog and post one mini article daily at least so that some might contact you from your blog as well.

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