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    What are parenting tips for children of different age group

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    Parenting is a very important subject. I think parenting tips are not common for children of all age group. Can some body explain the parenting tips to be followed for different age group of children? If I have two issues: a daughter and a son,can I apply same parenting tips to both daughter and son? To whom should I care more?
    Awaiting advice.
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  • On my research and readings, it is a deep subject to discuss. A nutshell can be noted as follows
    1. Infant - Love and play with them.
    2.Toddlers - Love , play and read with them.
    3. Preschoolers - Love, Play, Read, colour and support them.
    4. Middle Childhood - Love, Play, Share, Assign Responsibility.
    5.Young Teen - Love, Share Concerns, Keep more dialogues, Assign Social Activities, Watch the changes in attitude and correct them creatively. Should not suppress but sublime.
    These are only points.

  • Tips vary from state to state but our motive is to grow up our children in a proper way to get honor in the society .In the sate of infancy tips are common for all. But when they growing up parents need to create a good atmosphere as they have high learning power at an age of 3-5 and these habits lead to their future behaviour.So grow up them with great morals by saying great people achievements . Because these make them more effective instead of allowed to watching cartoons and playing with mobile phones . Parents be cautious about their children upto 9 years by providing good environment which gives them courteous conduct,wisedom,sanity,piety about elders and salvation.

  • There are Three main points that can be discussed regarding Good Parenting.
    1. Think by their perspective:- Try to deal or react with your children by thinking with their perspective. That is, when you interact with your children on any matter, first you have to imagine that, for a particular matter or incident or object, how a boy or girl of a particular age will think about. You can certainly do that as you have experienced it already when you are growing. When you do it, you will have an idea what could be going on in his/her mind. Then you have to interact with them accordingly by explaining or reacting with the pros/cons, good/bad things about that particular matter or incident or object, etc. Because it is the fact that, at different age, we look the same thing/matter/incident/object differently.
    Suppose a favourite toy of a small child breaks by mistake, then we either scold him/her or we do not bother about it much or promise them to bring a new one. But the boy/girl feels very sad about it or get afraid of parents for getting punishment, etc. In such a position you have to be calm & understand them and react accordingly.

    2. Identity:- When you deal with your children, do not forget your identity of a parent at that particular moment. No matter who you are- a businessman, an employee, a worker, etc but at that moment, you are a father/mother of your child. This is very important as many times we forget this and this leads to create communication problems with our children.

    3. Imitation:- Children often imitate what they see around. So you have to take care of your behaviour, habits, communication with others, etc because that is going to create impacts on their thoughts & behaviour. If you are fighting with your spouse in front of them, they will start hating you in their mind or will develop some negative feelings; if you are not stopping your vehicle at RED signal, they will do the same when grow up; If you have bad food habits, they will have the same.

    So go ahead & enjoy parenting!

  • Parenting, an important part of someone's life. Parenting tips change with the age of children.
    Milk feeding your babies
    The tips will remain same for the kids. We need to take care of babies by feeding on time, by giving equal treatment as far as facilitates are concerned. Hygiene is important as they depend on us for these issues. We need to take care of their diet. They need regular medical checkups to check for their proper growth. Many hospitals provide vaccination cards; we need to ensure vaccination on time.
    Early nutrition
    Early nutrition is very important for the babies. There are many sites available on net where we can find what is good or bad for the babies as far as diet nutrients are concerned
    Give equal importance to your both child and give them time as in this age group between 3 and 5 years, they observe things. Do not do anything irresponsible in front of them. Always share good ideas with them and take them outside so that they can interact with other children. This help them developing interactive personality.
    Growth changes
    Well at this stage we need to take care of them individually. We need to give special attention and help them understand why these changes important and are normal and happens to everyone. We need to tell them, things they should take care so that no one can take advantage of their innocence.
    Taking take care of all these help in upbringing of children

  • Parenting is getting difficult with every passing day since the new generation is independent, sharper and has an open culture. However, being bonded to them emotionally and communicating freely is the key.
    Earlier, we only would coach and guide our girl child to be cautious and aware of bad touch and good touch however, now- a- days, even parents of young boys are taking responsibility and educating them on how to respect women and stand for their security and safety.
    1) Educate your children about good touch and bad touch since an early age. They will be able to identify since they are already aware.
    2) Have an open conversation and communicate easily with your children. They should be able to come to you to discuss any such concerns or trouble thy face without any hesitation. Share a healthy, open and friendly relationship.
    3) Educate them with martial arts, karate and self-defense. This will make them feel more confident and ready to face any trouble.
    4) Spend time with your children and encourage them to speak to you about their friend circle. Friends have a great influence on younger minds. It's important as parents to find out what company they are in.
    5) Balance in being friendly and strict with your children. Keep a check on what they are accessing on internet and TV since adult content is easily available in a matter on clicks.
    6) Share your experiences and examples. Your children relate o you the most. Make them strong psychologically, physically, mentally and emotionally.

    Thanks & Best Regards,

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