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    Which hair oil is best for hair growth?

    Searching for the best hair oil? Wondering which hair is the best for hair growth? On this Ask Expert page you will find suggestions for hair oils.

    There are various types of hair oil like amla, parachute, almond and many more. Out of many available types of hair oil which one is best suited for hair growth? Which hair oil is best for protection against the hair fall? Which is all round hair oil?
    Experts: do guide.
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  • There are various types of hair oils like Dabar Aamla, parachute, almond and Dabar vatika etc. It depends on some factors which oil is best suited to an individual. If your skull skin is dry and having dandruff and etching Then dabar vatika is the best oil to grow the hair and prevent etching and hair fall. For normal people dabar Aamla is best to grow and preventing from graying of hairs.
    Patanjali kesh kanti may be tried.

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  • Basic booster is eat vegetables. You may take black sesame also.
    You can prepare your own oil from alovera, small onion, neem leaves and curry leaves .

  • There are two types of hair oil that can be good during the hair damage. One is kesh king and another is patanjali's kesh kanti. The kesh king seems to be working for many and it has shown it's results. However do ask the doctor regarding the symptoms of the hair fall so that they can tell you exact direction that you need to follow for the hair growth and less hair damage.

    For hair growth, shikaki and amla powder does work. it needs to be applied before going for bath. And after bath you can use oil that helps the hair fall. This sort of treatment along with meditation should help the hair growth.

  • There are various types of hair oils available in the market such as Keokarpin, Dabur Amla Oil, Bhringraj oil, Navratan oil, Patanjali Kesh Kanti, Parachute oil etc.
    However, different oils have different charecterestics such as Navaratan oil is used to get rid of tension thereby producing sound sleep. Dabur Almond - oil may also be classified in the same category and this oil provides strength to the roots of hairs apart from strengthening eye - sight.
    In case of heavy hair - fall, one may apply Bhringraj - oil on the scalp with gentle massaging for ten minutes. Patanjali Kesh Kanti oil has multiple benifits such as arresting hair - falls, lustrous sign of the hairs and Jatamasi present in the oil offers sound sleep. Parachute oil is popular among ladies since it helps the hairs for the growth.

  • Many Members have given different answers. I am also indicating my own perspective.

    Better hair growth depends upon providing good nutrients to the hair. This can be done simply by using unadulterated coconut oil. Applying a concoction of 'amla', 'ritha' and 'shikakai' once a week will do wonder for the healthy growth of hair. It will make the hair shining.

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  • I personally prefer pure home made coconut hair oil (without mixing any artificial flavor or chemical) or pure made from other sources. They looks strange though it contain natural one but in fact the pure coconut oil helps for enrich the hair, stop hair falls and helps for overall health.

    Sometime people face issues like falling hair or sticky from pure coconut hair oil but that hair falling is not because of pure oil but different habits of external usage for hair, and different practice of food / internal consumption plus overall atmosphere changes etc.

    I still recommend pure coconut hair oil than all other brands and on. It is better to apply at night time before 3 to 4 hours to sleep and shower in the morning.

  • There are many types of oils in the market, but in olden days coconut oil and amla oils were commonly known and was used. For the hair fall just applying oil doesn't work, you have to messages your scalp with your finger tips.
    Apart from oil and message you need good nutrition too.
    And washing hair with shampoos made of chemicals are harmful to hair and instead of using chemical shampoos one can wash hair with shikakai or soap nuts.
    One can use the mixture of almond oil, coconut oil and amla oil and boil with little curry leaves and fenugreek seeds.

  • Hi,

    Pure coconut oil is always the best. Now a days, we are getting mineral oil (kerosene) mixed with coconut oil. Many brands are mixing this in coconut oil. Make pure coconut oil at home. It is very easy.

    Get the milk of raw coconut either by grating the coconut or grinding it. Get the thick milk and let it stay for a day without disturbing.

    Next day, you can see the cake of coconut milk thickly formed on the top. Gently collect that in a pan without touching water at the bottom. Heat that pan on a slow flame until the oil floats on the top.

    This is the purest oil.

    If you have hair fall, take this oil in a separate pan and mix some curry leaves to it. Boil it until the curry leaves becomes dry. Filter the oil and store it a container. This helps in reducing hair fall.

  • It is better to use the hair oil you are familiar with from childhood and your family has come using traditionally.

    However you may make changes and amendments according to your place of stay, weather conditions and your specific issues.
    I suggest below a home formula hair oil for a normal person.

    If easily available and good quality, then use coconut oil to make your own hair oil at home. Buy pure coconut oil, warm it slowly without making it smoke, add a few curry leaves, loves of raw gooseberry from one or two gooseberry, just a few pepper seeds, a teaspoon of raw rice. Consistently heat slowly till the rice turns brown or when the curry leaves and gooseberry have turned black.. Close the flame and add a pinch or two of medicinal camphor when still mildly warm. Allow it cool and stay for a few hours. Filter and transfer to convenient hair oil bottles for daily use.

    Initially make only small quantities using small quantities of all ingredients. Keeping more may make the oil lose its freshness and aroma.
    In summer reduce pepper and increase medicinal camphor. In winter opposite.
    (This is from experience in our family. I cannot ascribe it to any text source)

    Using pure coconut oil itself also is good for hair and skin.

  • It depends on the individual that which hair oil suits him/her.
    Here are some good hair oils which are good for hair growth and also prevents hair loss.
    1. Parachute
    2. Dabur Vatika
    3. Patanjali Kesh Kanti
    4. Navratana Oil
    5. Trichup Hair Fall Control Oil
    6. Bajaj Almond
    7. Himalaya Herbal Hair Oil
    Out of these all I consider Parachute Oil as a best Hair Oil.

  • Different hair oil can provide you different results, but the main point is that is the oil is supplying so much of nutrient to your hair or not.
    So, when you are choosing hair oil try to choose some natural. It must contain coconut or almond which are so good for nourishment in hair. It may contain natural ingredients like Amla, Bhringaraj, neem, tulsi, methi etc. which stops different kind of hair problems and results in beautiful hair.

  • I recommend you to uses only coconut oil for good hair growth.Mostly oil is used to moisture scalp and hair then protect scalp from other infect materials.we should use hair oil to protect hair.
    Almond oil is used to enrich the quality of hair and gives strength to hair, product hair from damage.
    If you want your hair grow long or become healthier you must use self prepared oil from home.
    1. Amla, curry leaves, henna, make your hair black and product it from turning brown color.
    2.Hibiscus's flowers, leaves gives shining to your hair, also aleo vera is used to shine your hair.

  • I recommended Herbal Hair oil. This oil applied to the scalp and massage to that the skin of the scalp is wetted. I assured this product of a healthier crown of hair, long and lustrous and sumptuous. It not only makes you feel younger, but also makes you look younger and impressive.

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