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    Are toys from bizzgain toys worth buying?

    Eager to buy toys online from bizzgain toys but unsure about the quality? Check out the feedback and opinions in the responses in this Ask Expert thread.

    I want to purchase toys from for my children. However, I am just not sure about the quality of the toys. Are they worth buying? Can someone guide me?
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  • * Bizzgain sell and buy toys online. Before buying online, check complete information of the product you are purchasing.

    * Also, do check the review given by other consumers on that product you want to purchase.

    * For safety, I would recommend you to purchase only those toys which come with a returnable policy so that if you are not satisfied with its quality, you can return it and get back your money.

    * Only problem is at least Rs: 5,000 worth of toys you should order as it is the minimum amount. It is a lot of money and thus think twice before ordering anything.

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