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    Career related to Cricket but other than cricketer

    Interested in making a career in the field of cricket? Searching for various career options? Find responses from experts on this page.

    I am 20 years old and a big Cricket enthusiast. I have been following Cricket since my childhood and also played for my school Cricket team for 4 years. Then, I wanted to be a cricketer but later dropped the idea.

    Now, I guess I am a bit late in starting my Cricket career again, but still I want to be connected with the game and contribute something to the game.

    Can you advice regarding any career in the cricketing filed other than becoming a cricketer?

    Can you guide me as to what career can I make with anything related to Cricket like Umpire, statistician or maybe something else?
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  • I have perfectly understood the question. Fortunately, cricket is such a game which employs many people, who are not cricketer themselves. I am mentioning some very interesting professions related to cricket:-

    (a) You can work as umpire. You are still very young. So, get proficient with the innumerable rules of cricket, pass the examination conducted by the Board and become an umpire. With the passage of time, you can easily become a test umpire and further an international umpire.
    (b) You can work as Ground Curator. Nowadays, it is a very prestigious position.
    (c) You can work as a scorer and statistician. You can get employment in TV channels, Radio channels and Websites like
    (d) You can work in the ball/bat/cricket kit manufacturing companies.
    (e) You can start writing cricket blogs. Please check the Website of for understanding how cricket blog is written. It is becoming a lucrative profession. You can later shift to cricket journalism in due course (from blog writing).

    I hope this answers your query.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

  • There are various opportunities available in the cricket sport. You may find some of the options such as -

    1. Statistician. You need to have a relevant degree for keeping track of the player profiles, data handling and prediction tools. This position pays very good amount. Also one needs to travel along with the team.

    2. Physician. This position is often chosen by the team management. It's not easy to get this job as it requires lot of experience and recommendation.

    3. Operation Manager. This person handles the expenses, utilities and other stuff for the team. This position usually does most of the work behind the scenes. Taking players from one place to another and taking care of their finances is the work of the operations manager.

    There are few other positions like finance manager, accountants, official wardrobe designer, PR team and few other position. It all depends on what sort of format and the game is being done. For example, test cricket requires more arrangement for overseas work. T20 tour on the other hand can be short yet consume the most of the work. There are recruitment procedures and you have to keep track of the employment exchange and news services for things to work.

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