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    Need a guidance to join into a company without my 10th and 12th certificate

    Have you lost your X or XII or both certificates? Wondering how an IT company can provide an offer letter without these certificates? Find advice from experts on this page.

    I am depressed and have quit my job this year in June for health issues. My problem is that I lost my 10th and 12th education certificate accidentally. I couldn't get it back and I do not even have zerox copies of the same. It will take 6 months get at last a duplicate. But I got job in HCL and Accenture. Is there anyway to get an offer Letter without my educational certificate?
    Experts: do assist.
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  • Such policies vary from company to company.
    Few questions, I want to ask- they did not ask for your documents during your interview? If not during interview, not even before confirming you for a job?
    As per my knowledge and experience, these documents are required for verification before confirming the job.

    The solution you may have is, you can submit the application letter receipt copy which you have already submitted for duplicate certificates as a proof.
    They may consider it and hire you with a term that if you will not be able to submit the documents within stipulated time, you will be terminated.

    The rules are different for different companies, so it will be better for your check the same with HR of these companies.


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  • In my understanding the duplicate certificate can be received within 15 days, excluding holidays. If the candidate needs it in urgent status he/she has to remit additional fees to get the same in urgent status.
    You may contact the Board/School for proper guidance. There is an option for urgent duplicate issue.

  • There is absolutely no problem. You can join any company without 10th and 12th class marks memo. If you produce the experience certificate issued by your previous employer, your half of the problem is solved. For remaining solution follows the suggestion given ahead.
    If you have lost your certificates, book a complaint in the nearby Police Station and get a copy of booked complain from the Police Station. At the time of certificate/ document verification by the employer produce the copy of booked complain issued from the Police Station. In addition to that submit an affidavit stating that "you have lost your certificate. You have applied for duplicate copy of those certificates and you will produce it by so and so date/ month."

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