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    Urination problem with bad smell

    Suffering from urination problem? Looking out for medical advice? Find advice from experts on this page.

    I have a problem with my urinary system. I am suffering from frequent urination with bad smell of urine and I am unable to control my pressure. Is this serious? I have done my urinary test done that was ordered by the doctor. If any test is need to diagnose my problem kindly suggest.
    Awaiting advice.
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  • These must not be ignored. Urine must be tested initially for presence of Diabetes.
    Although bad smell, frequent urination and uncontrollable urge to relieve yourself, can be symptoms of bacterial infection.
    If urine is in deep yellow or in shades of yellow, try rehydrating yourself. Dehydration can cause smelly urine due to high presence of ammonia.
    Frequent urge to urinate ( more than 6 times a day) can be a severe problem. So consider visiting a doctor as soon as possible. Renal abnormalities are also possible.
    Are you having frequent stomach-aches and flatulence troubles? Do you experience fatigue?

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  • I feel you are not maintaining the timing for food and water consumption. Try to follow the perfect timings for food and water intakes and you will gradually see the differences and better health.

    I also suggest you to drink butter-milk often, consume water often and fruit juices or liquid items like ORS or electoral etc. They are going to help for this issue of course. If you are in city or town, you may get 'berry' juices of tetra pack that really helps for such urination issue. Try them out.

  • Do the following things-
    1.Drink more water at least 3-4 liters per day. Also consume butter-milk and fruit juices or liquid items.
    2.Urine must be tested for diseases.
    3.Now-a -days weather is cold so there is no sweating so consumed liquids will come out in the form of urine, so do not panic by more urination.

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  • First of all I will advise you that when ever you post any health related problem, post it in details. Here your age, sex, kind of job all matters.

    Now the problem you mentioned indicates chronic urinary tract infection and if it it associated with fever then acute urinary tract infection.

    I dont know but I guess you are a female as chronic UTI is more common in females.
    What you should in this case is to get a urine culture done. It will reflect the kind of infection as well as the antibiotic which will be sensitive to kill the bacteria. Since bacteria causing chronic UTI are resistant for most common antibiotics, so better to select after urine c/s. Take antibiotic for not less than 7 days preferably 15 days because even the symptoms get relieved, bacteria remains in dormant condition and can infect under optimum condition. (This is the reason of frequent infection.)

    Avoid using public toilets as that is the main source of infection specially in ladies.

    If you are middle aged person get your blood sugar level checked as this is another very common reason for frequent urination as well as infection.

    Dr. Sanjeev

  • In Human beings, there are unwanted waste and materials are exhaust in the body by using urine. It has the different colour of the urine like, Transparent Yellow, Dark Yellow, Pale yellow and White colour of the urine. Normal urine Pale yellow has hydrated good and very little amount of smell. Dark Yellow colour is dangerous for while any virus are caused by the body and bad smell of the urine is outside. It has some symptoms, causes and Home remedies.


    1. While passing the urine it has burning the flow it will sense.
    2. When disease the body it will Dark yellow colored urine while pass
    3. Abdominal pain while menstrual days
    4. Nausea and vomiting of heavy fever
    5. In small quantity of urine it has some time
    6. Urine to flow while blood to trace and bad smell


    It will caused by diabetes, kidney stones, sperm way out urine ,bacteria and during pregnancy time and also sexual intercourse to infection of the bladder. Wait for long time in a struck the urine while urinate.

    Home Remedies

    1. Drink Hot water add with pure honey. It will flush out of the bacteria and toxins in urine and bad smell.
    2. Lemon juice with add salt drink daily it will avoid the bad smell.
    3. Barley water will also help to relieve the bad smell of urine with wash out.
    4. Avoid Tea and Coffee taking too much
    5. Avoid too much of Onion and Garlic eaten it has smell increase the urine with urinating bladder.
    6. Banana Stem juice drink it will help to infection of the bladder cure the urine smell.

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