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    Increasing gang rapes in the country

    Worried about the increase of gang rapes in the country? Searching for information about the law pertaining to rape? check out this ask Expert page for responses to your queries.

    It is believed that if we face any crime and if we don't get any justice by the law, or any support by the police then we should take the help of media and immediate action is taken on it. But what is bothering me is the increase in the crime of gang rape. Every third day we find such incidences on the news channel. In fact sometimes two or three incidences in a day are reported. I am not getting any idea of what is the law of India for the rapists or is it not that harsh that such crimes are just increasing and increasing? I have also seen that when a criminal commits a crime he or she does not think but when they are caught so many discussions take place. Sometimes the victim suffers and dies but the decision making is still not complete. They are debating and arguing whether to punish or not to punish. Is life this cheap that anyone can spoil or destroy it, or is it that is it that we are going to get another life to live it again?
    Awaiting response.
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  • I think this question is more suitable for forums instead of ask experts section.

    Let me answer few questions from legal context:

    1. I am not getting any idea of what is the law of India for the rapists or is it not that harsh that such crimes are just increasing and increasing?

    I can't comment on why the crimes such as this are increasing. I'd say that there is a transition going on in the country for the shift in culture. So conservative and modern culture is at clash leading to sexual deprivation that gets to rape and other crimes.

    What are some of the laws in favor of women in India.

    1. Indian woman can report any random male on road, workplace, house, and neighborhood in police station, without any proof. Verbal report alone is enough to put any man behind the bars.
    2. If charged with rape then the person (male) accused gets non bailable arrest until shown in front of the judge.
    3. Rapist if killed the victim gets the death sentence and that can't be contested even from the president under any form of plea. Supreme court usually repeats the same verdict as the lower court if the rapist is proven guilty.
    4. Any male accused of rape, molestation, eve teasing doesn't get job in private and government sector. Any form of government benefits are forfeited. And any mode of employment gets stopped.

    Do you find these laws favor rapist?

    Laws completely favor the women when it comes rape, sexual abuse or any form of violence against women. Now the laws are such biased that filing fake case against males can damage their life too. And current legal process doesn't contest the views of women and fake case end up destroying the life.

    So how much more strict laws you are going to make? Such as even looking at women equals to crime? or not contesting verbal complaint of women should be included too? Do you think that would not be misused?

    Is life this cheap that anyone can spoil or destroy it, or is it that is it that we are going to get another life to live it again?

    If you are living the life in middle class and upper middle class then you get the assurance for the life. In case of the lower class and below you find that cost of the life is often decided by such random circumstances and also the people who are living above these social stature.

  • In traditional societies like India, many cases of rape go unreported because of social stigma. I feel that the incidents of rape take place when eve-teasing, voyeurism, etc. go unchecked. Watching pornography is another reason for increasing incidents of rape.
    Now the next part of the issue is the ways to deal with this menace. My personal view is counselling the pervert eve-teasers, voyeurs and porno-watchers at the first stage. Second step which is required is plain and simple thrashing. The police can occasionally round up the romeos moving around the girls' schools and colleges all over the country. Furthermore, all girls must learn at least some self-defence techniques. The girls and ladies who return late from office must carry pepper-powder and a sharp & small knife with them which provide preliminary protection in emergencies. The helpline number of Police should be remembered by them. The working ladies or students must avoid asking or taking lift. Even if they are late,they must wait for public vehicles. These small but practical steps would help a lot to reduce this blot to a large extent.
    Finally, the judiciary must also seriously consider to modify the trial procedure in rape cases. In-camera trial should be considered for rape cases. The society should also change the attitude towards rape survivors. Instead of the rape survivors and their families, the rapists and their families should be socially ostracized.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

  • The incident of rape/ gang pare is alarming in India.
    Indian Penal code provisions regarding rape
    "The criminal law amendment act-2013" are-
    Section- 375-- Rape.
    Section- 376-- Punishment for rape.
    Section -376-A-- Intercourse by husband with his wife during separation.
    Section -376-B-- Intercourse by public servant with woman is his custody.
    Section- 376-C-- Intercourse by superintendent of jail, remand home in-charge.
    Section- 376-D-- Intercourse by any member of the management or staff of a hospital
    Section- 376-E -repeat offences
    for complete details please read my article
    "The menace of Rape in Indian societies, its' causes and solutions to save the victims and societies" the url is as follows-

    The greatest wealth in this world is mental peace and good health.

  • Gang rapes are increasing in our country.
    There should be strict law to be declare that they should not do again that such bad act. If anyone rapist doing wrong act, then call police, some people to help.
    Self defence is also one key to help girls from rapists. There should be law to be like direct death or cut their physical parts. There should be security in calm area and main in picnic spots, college and school area and something technology in mobile or campus that girls will direct contact to security or police. There should be want to march against rapism in our country.

  • Rape is a shameful thing in any society and its increasing trend is very alarming. Stringent laws to deal with such heinous crimes are really required to handle the issue.
    Another important thing is we have to change our attitude towards woman. They are not a thing to play with or to torture.
    In fact in hindu mythology women have been given a high and respectable place and considered as mother of human beings.
    In society there are some elements who can go to any extent in fulfilling their desires and it is their lust which is making the life of woman miserable. Until unless the mind set of these people is changed the root of the problem will not be addressed.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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