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    How to maintain health after the age of 40 years.

    Searching for ways to maintain good health after 40 years? Find advice from experts to all your queries and resolve yuor worries.

    Now a days diseases like High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Diabetes and orthopaedic problems are on the rise in the age group of 40 years and beyond. Who is responsible for all these problems? Is it our food habits, nature of our duty (i.e shift duty and sedentary duty), or avoiding medical check up at regular intervals?
    By merely controlling the food habits and and taking diet under the supervision of a dietitian can we get rid off these illnesses? Generally we go for regular exercises and checking our diet once we are in the grip of these deceases. Suggest some preventive measure to live a healthy life.
    Awaiting response.
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  • After 30 you have to understand your body goes into the slow phase. So you have to watch out your thoughts, health and routine. You have to make sure that you are spending the time focusing on the health. You have to also watch out with the lethargy and avoid those laid back negative thoughts. Life needs to be kept as active as you keep in the 20s. Meditation and yoga can make a lot of difference in mental health. This has to be practiced as soon as possible and not after reaching mid age.

    Ill habits such as alcohol, smoking and any form of intoxication should be avoided. The reason being you have to treat yourself the way you want to be taken care of during old age. If you treat yourself roughly in youth, then it will not end up good in the old age.

    So to sum up the things to be done -

    1. Exercise or daily walk
    2. Meditation
    3. No junk food.
    4. No intoxication habits (alcohol, smoking and drugs)
    5. Positive thinking

    This should help keep your mind and body in better condition.

  • High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Diabetes and orthopaedic problems are on the rise in the age group of 40 -50 years and beyond.What contributes for these problems. The causes are-
    1. Stress,
    2. loneliness
    4. adulteration of food, fruits and vegetables
    5. chemicals used in ripping and preserving the foods, fruits etc.
    6. Junk foods
    7.excessive use of sugar,edible oil, ghee and other fats
    8.excessive use of gram masalas
    9. Unhealthy and unhygienic environments.
    10. Lac of nutritious food.

    1. Exercise and regular 45-60 minutes daily walk
    2.Do meditation for mental peace.
    3. Avoid junk food.
    4. No alcoholic drinks and smoking
    5. Regular medical check-up
    6. Use mustard/ saffola oil for cooking
    7. Listen music regularly.
    8. change your food habits and life style according to your disease.

    The greatest wealth in this world is mental peace and good health.

  • I am also in near 40s. We have to follow a few tips to maintain a good health. The basic fact is our body needs enough movement and rest. There should be good exercise to the body. For a home maker, home cleaning, cooking, washing are all will provide good exercise. Hence, for a good home maker, chances of getting BP, Sugar are less. Few tips to be followed:

    1. Start your day early in the morning with a good note.

    2. Meditate or spend sometime for yourself by reading a book or gardening.

    3. Drink a glass of luke warm water with lemon.

    4. Start your daily routine works where instead of using machines (washing machine etc.,) use your body.

    5. Take enough raw vegetables, greens and fruits. Also add nuts and milk to get good strength to bones.

    6. Spend a good amount of time with children and loved ones for mental health.

    7. Do some charity once in a while for immense satisfaction and for a happy mind.

    8. Concentrate on your hobbies.

    9. If you are devotional, perform pooja at home daily for cleansing your mind.

    10. Never take medicines. Rather go for kitchen stuff such as Cumin seeds, Corriander seeds, Ginger, Turmeric etc., for cough, cold etc.,

    11. End your day with a small prayer or showing gratitude to god for this life.

    Our inner mind is the base for our physical health. So keep concentrate on your mind. It makes miracles. Your entire life changes. You will be healthy forever because only you decide what you want to become.

  • Very good suggestions made by our knowledgeable members. Specially by Sailaja who has given a crisp and complete capsule to us to follow.
    I will like to say that keeping a good health is a challenge at every age and it becomes more and more challenging when one grows older and older.
    There is no easy solution to good health. Medical Science has done miracles in the area of disease curing and health but it has long way to go before it can reach a commanding position.
    Though researchers are toiling day and night to find out newer solutions but it is still not very clear what is the relation between good habits, good lifestyle and positive thinking at one side and disease or ailment at other.
    This is debatable because there are innumerable cases where things are not in line with our life style. When a disease spreads in epidemic proportion, it does not distinguish between persons as per their habits. So the connection is not very clear as per the knowledge of humans at this juncture.
    Certainly having a positive thinking is always an edge on negative thinking but the statistics of persons whose health has deteriorated versus their life style is also to be seen with an open eye.

    Knowledge is power.

  • In humans, there a many years live in the world but maintain the health by some stages. If you from childhood to adult age they can solve any issues of the health and body. If the above age of 40 there are some tips to maintain the health of Ayurvedic.


    1. Kadukkai powder (Haritaki) to mix with gee or butter milk drinks the daily after food. It will help of good digestion for your health.
    2. Pomegranate juice (Mathulai manappagu) mix with hot water to drinks daily before food or after food. It will grow the blood cells and boosting the immune system.
    3. Some exercise such as, stretching, jumping, early morning walking and yoga asanas will help of strong minds and bones to treat the boost up of immunity.
    4. All types of fruits will be taken in the nutrients of diet control.
    5. In night time, the dinner is only of wheat grains, idly and Dhosai. Avoid rice and some items.
    6. Non-Vegetarian should be must avoid.
    7. Avoid Alcohol and smoking. You can drink quality best wine it will boost up of heart function.
    8. Reading some motivate books and playing grandchildren, laughing exercise and padmasanas and vajrasanas in the morning.
    9. Regular checkup of a month in one time to BP checking in Government hospitals.

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