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    Is it good to link blogger's blog to a domain name?

    Interested in linking blogger's blog to domain name? Check out this Ask Expert page for response to your queries.

    I have written some blogs on Now I have purchased a domain name and linked it with my blog. So when anyone goes to my website, the blog link will open. Instead of purchasing web hosting I have decided to host from blogger. Is it a good practice?
    Experts do advice.
    My website link is:
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  • If you have written good number of blog post. Monetized it and also getting the traffic on that blog. Then using the domain name for such blog can be a good choice.

    One thing to note here is that you need to map the domain through the blogger interface. And not just redirect. In case of the mapping, each page of the blog will get the domain name as it's primary address. However if you just use redirect for domain then it'll just redirect the domain to that blog.

    In terms of SEO and traffic, it is better to get the domain name. As that will help you to get the linking in between the blog and domain. Most likely this also helps with the domain authority. So try to use the domain mapping with blogger. That should help in your scenario.

  • In short, you are telling that you have associated and re-directed your blogspot blog to a custom domain (purchased one with the above name).

    The budding bloggers' used to this one and it has no issue. In fact, it saves little money for web-hosting and additional web-designing if any.

    However, it will be considered as just a single traffic to custom domain only and not the traffic to blogspot blog which you have redirected from.

    The second one is, if you have other blogspot blog and added its link to this custom blog or vice-versa then no issue and try to give one or two link once in a while is a better option. So, do not over use its link to promote each other. Google is very smart on this.

  • @ Mahesh, Thank you for your valuable suggestions, can you please tell me the steps to map my Blog to Custom Domain name.

  • Hello Manoj,

    You can follow the step-by-step guidelines to change your blog to custom domain :

    Once you have made the changes in DNS, you can check the status of propagation at

    Hope this helps,

  • Whatever you did is perfect ! I have also written more than 50 posts for a blog written on mechanical engineering and finally I purchased a domain 'mechanicalduniya' and thus my blog is now

    Free hosting in blogger is a good option for beginners. If you are to become professional blogger, the limitation on free hosting will not be suitable to you. Thus, one should buy hosting for well established blog or website.

    Dr. Paresh B. Gujarati.
    Mechanical Engineer.
    'I'mprovement always begins with 'I'.

  • Let me first put some general points that will help you decide:
    Advantages of using ->
    1. Easy platform to learn and use
    2. You are already familiar to the environment
    3. In-build SEO(search engine optimization), this helps your blog easy to discover
    3. Lots of plug-ins and themes , no need to be a programmer
    4. Great Up time
    5. No fees, charges
    6. In-build advertisement support in case you want to monetize your site.

    The advantage you get with a personal domain is :=
    1. More friendly url, you can keep it the way you like
    2. Site authority -> that mean that if your blog becomes popular, your domain will be listed in top search results, but it gives you added advantage that any other link you recommend in your blog will be rated (as per your site authority) higher and will also be shown up at top search results.
    3. More control over layout, design and advertisements you wish to put on on your site.

    Now, since you already have a domain, if you wish to consider hosting on your own please consider the following points: =
    1. You must be familiar with the platform you chose be it Wordpress, Joomla or any other cms. These are free platforms but require a decent amount of time learning and configuring.
    2. You must take care of SEO else your may loose some or more traffic to your site
    3. You must choose a hosting platform, like Go Daddy, Hostgator or any other, these are paid option. You may also try blogging using Github and Jekyll or any other static site generators. This may require spending some additional time.
    4. If you decide to migrate your blog, please ensure that the old blog at is now redirecting to your site, else you will loose some audience, also please use a 302 redirection or canonical meta tags to ensure Google or other search engine do not mark your site's content as duplicate.
    5. Please try avoiding free hosting platforms as they generally generate spams and other malicious software to your site.

    In short, it is okay to keep your existing setup,.

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