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    Is is a genuine e-commerce site?

    Looking out for buying a watch online? Wondering of Rolex can be available at jsut 15000 rupees? On this Ask Expert page you will get response to your query.

    I would like to know if is a genuine e-commerce site? This is because it is giving away a Rolex watch of worth Rs130,000 in just Rs15,000 on the eve of karwa chouth and deewali.

    Can I trust this e-commerce site? Is it possible they can offer such big discount?
    Awaiting advice.
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  • Before going into the specific site mentioned, I would give a general suggestion.
    How can one give in such a huge difference if the price and item are genuine as claimed? First of all asses what is the real price of a genuine Rolex watch. If it is far more than 15,000/- then there is some compromise in the offer. Either the item is not original or the real price is not as displayed. Or there can be possibility of not honouring promise or some other issues.

    I have not come across this site earlier and have not deal with it. For prudence you may tread with caution. Check other popular sites and check from real shops about Rolex watches and the variants and prices.

  • Rolex watch , as all of us know, is a luxurious watch.
    It should have a International Guarantee.
    You may ask for the guarantee from the Rolex.
    Visit and find the amazing facts about Rolex Watches.

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