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    Wanted to start a Plant Nursery as an Entrepreneur

    Aspiring to be an entrepreneur? Looking out for opening a plant nursery? You will get all the advice you want on this Ask Expert page.

    As a part of my desire to do a business, I came to understand that investment in agriculture is the best option for me. Hence, I would like to start a plant nursery.
    Advice, suggestions and testimonies are requested.
    Financial advises like, investments and rate of returns are expected.
    Suggestions of plants and available locations in Trivandrum are also requested.
    Awaiting response.
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  • Starting a plant nursery can turn out to be lucrative business, provided it is suitably located. The location should ideally be close to residential localities, where locals can drop in, without inconveniencing themselves and shop for what they want. I am using my experience from visits to nurseries to best answer your query.

    The investment you make will depend on the expanse of the property. You will need to build a greenhouse for the plants and a concrete shelter for your customers and for business transaction. Apart from that you will need basic furniture for office use and for customers to sit. Fans, drinking water, a toilet are a few things that you will need to provide, for your customers benefit. You will also need to get the plumbing work done, and install pumps and motors and lay pipes to water the plants. You will need a storage area that can be kept locked, where fertilizers and pesticides and other potentially hazardous items can be stored, safely. You will also need display cabinets for seed packets and root hormones etc. You will also need gardening tools, brooms, water hoses and sprinklers, etc. for use in the nursery.

    You will also need to hire a couple of knowledgeable gardeners cum caretakers.

    As for plants, invest in a variety of plants. You may use the following tips as a guide

    1. A variety of flowering plants
    2. Local plants
    3. Ornamental plants
    4. Exotic ornamental plants
    5. Indoor plants
    6. Potted plants
    7. Bonsai
    8. Miniature or dwarf varieties of fruit/flower bearing trees
    9. Palms and ferns that can be used indoors as well as outdoors
    10. Herbs
    11. Medicinal plants
    12. Cactus
    13. Climbers
    14. Succulents
    15. Hardy plants that do not require much care
    16. Hybrid plant varieties
    17. Saplings

    You can also sell manure, different types of soil, gravel, compost, fertilizers, pesticides, hormones, seeds, grass etc. You will need old sacks, to transfer these into when you sell.

    You will also be able to sell the following:

    1. Hanging pots
    2. Ornamental pots
    3. Pot stands
    4. Pots of various sizes and material
    5. Gardening tools
    6. Spray guns and other apparatus for fertilizers and pesticides
    7. Gardening gloves
    8. Garden/chicken mesh
    9. Moss sticks
    10. Ornamental pebbles and stones

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