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    Is Mark sheet correction required?

    Difference of father's name in the marksheet. Will there be a problem if my father's name has a spelling mistake in the marksheet of 10th and 12th standard?

    My name is adil and my father name is mohammad shakeel but there is some mistake in my father's name in high school mark sheet.

    10th mark sheet mohamad shakeel
    12th and graduation- mohammad shakeel.
    Will it create any problem during document verification. If yes then what should I do and what name should be fill to applying govt. jobs. I am so worried.
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  • It is just a minor change in your father's name. You can make a gazette for change of name or give advertisement in the newspaper. It will just cost you Rs. 200 to Rs.400. After that you can apply for any government jobs or any job interview or passport application. You have to just attach a copy of gazette or newspaper.

  • It may create problem during document verification If the name is mismatch.You should keep your name as in tenth class certificate. 10 th certificate will be supportive document for name change. Apply for new certificate for 12 th class. Make an affidavit from notary stating that your correct name is mohamad shakeel and the 12 th certificates bearing mohammad shakeel. Submit the application with required documents and fee to your 12 board. After 2-3 months you will get the corrected one.

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  • This will create a problem for you. Get it changed as soon as possible. For changing the name first step is to visit a notary near to your location. Ask him to make an affidavit for correction in name. Second step is to publish your matter in local and national news paper. Keep at least 10 copy of news paper in which your matter has been published. Third and final step is to publish the correction of your fathers name in gazette of India. Some documents are required at the gazette of India office. You can send those document by post to the address.
    Before doing this You can apply for any Job and mentioned your father's name correctly. But at the time of document verification you have to produce Affidavit and copy of news paper in which name change correction matter has been published.

  • Although it is a minor mistake, but you may face problem in case of selection in Government jobs or in property-related matters. However, the solution is simple. You have to go to a fist-class magistrate of your city and sign a suitably-worded affidavit stating that Mr.X and Mr. XX (your father's name, both in short-form and full name) are same. You have to preserve this affidavit with you. A similarly-worded advertisment is also required to be published in an English newspaper and in a vernacular newspaper. You have to keep these advertisements permanently.

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  • In documentation it is not a question of one character missing or added in the certificate. Accuracy in name, date of birth, fathers name etc is of utmost importance. The various legal ways suggested above are worth considering. However you can choose the one most convenient to your situation.
    Getting a corrected certificate for class XII appears easiest of all.
    I had similar problem once in my PAN card where fathers name was very slightly different. I had to apply for a fresh PAN card by giving the supporting documents.
    While applying for passport these things are very meticulously seen so one should be careful in getting the documents corrected before applying for passport or visa as the case may be.

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  • There is a saying that documents should speak of them selves. It means that there should not be any legal or general mistake in them so that they can be taken for records not only for present job but also in future for any reference. As they call it in office parlance - clean documents.
    In your case the mistake may seem to be small but it has created a blocked for any further progress in any request or application using this document.
    The only thing is to get the document corrected by the concerned authorities or get it changed through the legal procedure which sometimes may be quite cumbersome.
    In any case correction is a must to go ahead for any thing with that document.

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