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    Please guide me someone for my career to secure my future !

    I am not able to appear in the campus recruitment of IBM or Infosys or any IT company. I have active backlogs and it is preventing me from appearing in aptitude test of various IT companies.

    Recently, Infosys visited my campus and about 40-50 students got recruitment in it. I could not appear for recruitment drive just because my percentage is too low (approx. 59%) to appear for it. Also, I am having 3 active backlogs resulting to become not eligible for Infosys. Very soon, few more companies are about to visit my campus like HCL, Wipro, Accenture, Cognizant, etc. I will not be eligible for any of these companies. I am too worried for my future. What should I do in this case? Should I apply for CCC course conducted by NIEIT?
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  • You have not mentioned in your question which course you are following and what are the fields of interest for you. Still it appears that you are currently pursuing an engineering degree and may be in the pre-final or final year. From what you have indicated it seems that CCC may not be helpful for you. It's a computer literacy course for laymen. Moreover, you have said that the main hindrance for you is your performance in lower semesters. I believe you can make up for the same and do even better than your batchmates if you try hard. Here's how.

    You can start your preparations for tough competitive exams of next year. It may be GATE, IES or Navaratna Corporates like IOC, ONGC etc. In your remaining semesters, you may try to score more so that overall aggregate mark for your graduation crosses 65 to 70%. Believe me, if you only cross the eligibility marks required for these exams which is generally 60% of OC category and lower for reserved categories, the overall grades do not matter much except in the placements. After you come out of the college interviewers only care about what value you can bring to the company and how they will be able to use your talent post selection.
    Another very useful advice for you will be to appear for some tests which test for employability. Anybody can appear these tests. Presently I know about AMCAT and ELITMUS. You can read about them in ISC articles.
    Believe in yourself and try hard. These small failures can only be taken as learning points.

  • The best option for you is to pass your backlog papers with the highest marks. Meantime , you may try to find out your best interested online certified courses. There are certified courses on java, networking, .net, SAP and many. You may browse to find your suitable course.
    More than that you can take effort to develop your soft-skill, which include communication skill, interpersonal skill etc.
    Read books which help you to prepare for an interview, like "The Interview Book" available in Amazon. Remember there are lot of opportunities in many MNC like Google, and many more.
    Be positive to face the future.

  • Every company has a cutoff and it is aggregate of earlier semester scores. Hence students need to realise that it is important to be serious about studies in all semesters. Just becoming serious when a company is comping on campus will not lead to placement.
    Even having backlog/s is a not a good indicator and does not speak well about the student.
    There will be some companies which will have a lower cutoff. also check their eligibility criteria but almost all of them would not consider a student after backlogs. Hence you are right that eligibility is a question and you need to be worried about getting a job.
    Hence I would suggest that you first focus on clearing the backlogs in the very next attempt. Only after that you can think of doing any course. Put all your efforts in completing your graduation with flying colours along with clearing the backlogs.

    Once the above is done, then you can think of doing some course.

    Autograph your work with excellence!

  • Past is past. What is to be done is to prioritise what is to be done now and move ahead with confidence. Hard work only can give you confidence and results.
    1. Clear the backlogs at the earliest.
    2.Clear the course without any further backlog. Try to score as good a grade(or percentage).

    On campus recruitment alone is the end of things. You can try for the vacancies and jobs advertised in various newspapers and websites. Probably you may need to compromise on certain parameters. There can be marketing side jobs coming first. There may be some job coming but with lesser salary than is usually heard in campus recruitment. But do not go on avoiding them. Get a job as early as possible. Then you will get more confidence. from there you can think about your future in more calm way.

    In the job also be sincere and put your good efforts for your betterment.

    Best wishes.

  • Don't worry still there is time to get first class. Utilise the backlog papers to boost your scores and also study for forth comming semesters hardly and make sure you got more than 70% in order to gain overall percentage to 60 %. Study harder and make it happen. Efforts are in your hands to make it work.

    Companies have their own policies of hiring based on the
    10th, 12th and also the Under Graduate marks.
    Take efforts to learn for the interview now on for a few companies through their websites. Even off campus these companies do provide job for the freshers. Its possible to find the recruitment's in the You got to register and then attend their interview on the company's campus. Every company will announce the dates for the exams for the freshers. All you have to do is clear the rounds of the interview. Written test, that contains English aptitude, maths and the technical questions. Group discussion and then the HR round of the interview.
    Make opportunities and do not worry about that you are not able to attend the interview on the campus.

  • At this stage, you seem to be over worried regarding your future - prospects but you must keep in mind that success in any field depends upon meticulous planning and to put in best effort in the are of your studies.
    Your sole effort must be to clear the three back - logs in such a manner that the marks obtained in this papers should exceed beyond 80 percent so that final aggregate for the final semester lies between 65 and 70 percent marks. In that way, you would be able to maintain your eligibility - status for getting a call from the employers.
    Identify the areas of your weakness so that you may take appropriate action in that line if your expression lacks fluency, you may join a coaching institute for the improvement in your oral skill. See if you have any doubt in the basics and the same can be sorted out with the consultation of your professors.
    Take a course in any one of the modules such as Java, C++, oracle, SAP etc. In that way, you would have an extra edge in a particular domain and in course of interview, your specialised area may be the focal point of discussion between you and employers.
    Your present failure should be construed as temporary set back and be prepared for the grand openings with your consistent preparation.

  • No doubt campus recruitment is one of the most prestigious things happening in ones life but it is not the only thing in career making. There are various opportunities available after you clear your backlogs preferably with good marks.
    You can appear for various examinations and interviews in the industry. You can even seriously think to appear for administrative exams at center as well as state level. It is said that life begins from the point at which you really start toiling. Career making is not a choice it is a struggle. If you are determined to achieve some goal it needs proportionate zeal and vigor.
    There are cases where many people though weak in academics did marvels in their careers and reached astonishing heights. What was their secret ? They became serious and wise only after their formal education.
    Today IT is every where, it is not restricted to a few companies. Try to see the advertisements for all sort of jobs and if you find something of your aptitude and interest see if you are eligible to apply there.
    Please remember one need not to remain in a limited zone as defined by his graduation. The world is very big and business environment is still bigger. It is like a jig-saw puzzle, you have to search for a place to fit.
    Best of luck.

    Knowledge is power.

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