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    How to convince boyfriend's family?

    Having a problem convincing the groom's family for a love marriage? Find advice from experts on this page.

    I am in love with a person for last 4 years. We want to marry each other. We are both Muslims. My parents and my family are willing for this marriage. But his father and gramdmother is opposing our relationship. They are very rich and known persons in their place. My family is middle class. My mother is having a tailoring shop and my father passed away, and I have only one sister. His father cannot accept all this. We tried a lot, but of no use.
    I cant live without him. Can you suggest some ways to convince his family?
    Awaiting response.
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  • I think the role to convince the boyfriend's father is on the boyfriend himself. You can't do much about it. I guess the problem seems to be at the point where his father needs to get some assurance like in traditional marriage. So here your parents need to meet his parents too. And you have to discuss the stuff face to face. Also, your boyfriend needs to step up his position and convince the father. The reason being, as long as boyfriend gives the hint of doubt it leads to father being more strong in his position. So your boyfriend needs to be very strong and say things that shows that he's more confident with your relationship with him. This way father can't put his stance more strongly and let you two work out on your own life.

  • My frank advice:-

    (a) If both of you are adults and have complete confidence on each other, don't bother to convince your boyfriend's family. Go for marriage.

    (b) With the passage of time, the situation will be normal, particularly so after the birth of baby.

    (c) However, try to have a Court marriage (i.e., registered marriage) to avoid any future problem regarding legal sanctity of the marriage. I mean to say that sometime influential families try to declare the religious ceremony associated with marriage null and void. To avoid such possibility go for marriage registration.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

  • This case proves that religion or caste alone are not the culprits. Class is also a factor. This case is very similar to the story idea of many a movie.

    The solution is available in any of such movies. Recall a few positive ending movies you have seen where the girl is poor and her lover is from rich family. The solution will be readily available.

    But in real life it is not so easy. But in your case the matter is relatively easy as your family supports and(if I am right) the boy's mother also supports. What is really important here s the sincerity and courage of your lover. He should be firm-at the same time polite and decent- to tell that he loves you and will marry only you. Let him take the help of some well wishing relative of his who can convince his father.

    I needed you may have to take help of well wishers and friends and go for civil marriage. But before that think well and be sure that you two and your love will stand any test of endurance.

    Best wishes.

  • Parents are having so much expectation from their son with the view points of his education, carrier, marriage earning etc. Specially when the time comes to take the decision for the marriage of their son, they are much worried. They want a bride who can meet the expectation of both the parents and their son. Simultaneously it is very important for the family of bride groom to meet the family members of their daughter's boyfriend.
    It is not so easy task, but the parents of two side has to do it. Life of two person depend upon the compromise done by the family of two sides. We should keep in our mind that they are our son and daughter. We are here to do the best for them. We as a parents should keep our ego aside. Suitability of the boy and girl should be judged on their parameters. So that after marriage they should live a happy and satisfied life.
    We educated parents should create awareness in the society that for the marriage of our son and daughter we should not give the first priority to caste system. Instead we should give priority to other factors like their education, carrier, job status etc. Ultimately the mental status of both the boy and girl should be similar, then only they can live a happy and prosperous life.

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