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    I want to switch to a Software Developer Job abroad

    Aspiring to take up an IT job abroad? Searching for how to do so? Find advice from experts on this page.

    I have completed my BSc(IT) from Mumbai University. Currently I'm working in an IT Company as a Sr.Software Developer. I have 2.7 years experience.
    I want to switch to the same position but abroad. I have no idea about this.
    Can you suggest me what to do? Are there any courses which I need to do to apply a job?
    How to apply?
    Experts: do guide.
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  • I think you need to join the company that has option to apply for H1B visa to US or any other similar country. The reason you need to do that is because you can't just jump into abroad without any job. There are consultancies that allow you to do the work if you get hired. But avoid agencies such as this. And go through the process of the job to the working abroad. That should help you much effectively. If you're trying to find the process to work in same domain abroad, then it helps to get the job in Indian company that can send you abroad. Make sure you can switch the company over there once you get there. You'd be into the contract during initial phase.

    Another option that I suggest is go for the residential application. This should help you get the job abroad and also live there as a resident. This works for most of the people. However like any other process this too is very time consuming process.

    Do note that you can do any amount of courses. But none of them can assure you the process through which you can switch the job there. You just have to find the company that can land you job there. So you have to first check locally and go abroad. And then you have to make the switch. You can't skip this scenario.

  • I can suggest the following:
    1. If your company has projects abroad, then continue working there. Identify skills required in those projects and learn them yourself or through company training department through self nomination. Then you can request your Project Manager and Resource Manager for a project change. If you are technically sound, confident, good communication skills, able to handle client and team then you can be sent onsite abroad. Then the chances of achieving your dream are good!
    2. If there are no projects abroad, then you need to shift to another company which has several or many projects abroad. If you have the right skills and are far better than your counterparts already working in the company then your chances for onsite are high.
    3. Apply to a country where professional people are required and where the visa process is easy. Check out their companies, placement scenario and recruitment process. Look out for requirements. It would be difficult to just travel to a country and then search for a job.
    4, Lastly, you can do some international certification which can enhance your qualification and make you stand out from your peers.

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  • Good you are already working after your graudation from the Mumbai University. Most of the Multi National Companies are looking for the best talents to work for their companies in abroad in their branch.
    Most of the big companies like TCS, WIPRO, IBM, MICROSOFT, APPLE,CTS etc... are good in providing best projects abroad and able to support their employees for their outstanding talents and place them on the project requirement onshore and offshore based on the candidate's experience.

    Candidate who already has good experience with other companies develop their talent and get hired to these companies for H1B and most other countries for their company's project. First they are allowed to work in the project in India and based on their performance they are given chances on the same project on the client side or to their branch in other country.
    Its also good to migrate with good experience in IT to countries like Australia, New Zealand,Denmark, Canada. These countries where you can migrate and applying online for the job is also possible for some the candidates with good and outstanding talents. The experience with 2 years are also good
    for migrating from India to abroad.

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