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    Query about making a career in cricket?

    Aspiring to make a career in cricket? Confused whether to take a normal job of opt for a career on cricket? Clarify your confusion on this Ask Expert page.

    I am a BCA final year student. I am a 19 years old.
    My dream is cricket but my family is middle class. Still I have not practiced cricket but I have a skill to play. I am the first graduate in my family and I have responsibilites.
    I am confused. Should I opt for only cricket or get a job and then to play cricket?
    Experts: Can you clarify my confusion.
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  • I want to suggest you simply that go for a suitable job instead of making career in cricket. It is bitter truth that every one have dreams to become glamorous or stars but they forgot the pains related to it.
    Since you have mentioned that you are the first graduate in your family and have responsibilities than how could you think of opting cricket as your career. Also you have mentioned that your age is 19 means that you are very late in making your mind to become a cricketer. At this time your family needs your full moral and economical support in spite of helping your family you are putting your family in trouble. Complete your education first than take a good job , You became start of your family automatically. Seeing your family happy should be your first dream.
    Playing cricket is different ,you can play even after job also but to make yourself fit and healthy. Later on you can go fro civil services exam and be real star.

  • Its good thought to become a cricketer in the life at this age. There are no age for achievements in life. Even this age is suitable to get trained as a cricketer. Its needs more practice and efforts to play the matches.
    Since you are studying the final year of BCA focus on the studies now to achieve good scores in order to look for a job either through your campus interview or through by yourself. Look for the interview preparations and make yourself suitable for the interview to get selected for the job. In the meantime do physical exercises that will strengthen your body to achieve your dream goals as a cricketer. Stay fit and healthy to work both as a employee and also to play cricket. Things are possible only when you make efforts. So start from now on to become a cricketer. Nowadays there are coaching clubs for these cricket coaching and they will be able to help you.
    Play with your friends during the weekend. Get a job so that you can balance both your family and dream goals.

    Stay positive that you can, make all the efforts to do the daily job. Practice early morning the cricket and do exercises necessary for them to make you move freely that does not bother your other job.
    Try Try till you get it is most of the players attitude to achieve their goals in their life.

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