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    Refund of excess money paid to state electricity board

    Have a bill related query about state electricity board? Wondering about the repayment procedure in case of a double payment? Find answers to your queries on this page.

    I have paid electricity bill two times by mistake. Once it was debited from my credit card auto pay system and once it was debited from my debit card. How can I get my money back and approximately how much time will it take in case of Telangana state electricity board?
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  • From my experience with BSES Delhi, I can say that the excess amount will not be refunded. However, if you apply immediately with documentary evidence of excess payment (copy of bank statement/credit card statement), the amount will be adjusted from your next month due.

    I have had similar problem with Delhi Jal Board (DJB). I paid excess amount due to oversight (online bill payment). The excess amount has been adjusted from my next due (in case of DJB, it is quarterly payment).

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  • It happened to me . I am using the services of KSEB-Kerala State Electricity Board. It was in the initial days when online payment was being introduced by KSEB. Due to some technical glitch my payment was not properly receipted. As I got afraid that if payment was not received by them, I will be in trouble, the next day I paid it at the counter by cash. As there was crowd (last day), I could not ask about the matter.

    However the amount got adjusted in the next bill. In your case you may go to the electricity office with your bill and aske them if the additional payment was received by them. If yes, then wait so that the same will be adjusted in the next bill.

    If the issue was due to the double auto instructions -one for card and one for auto debit- you may do needful to cancel one of them to avoid similar problem in future.

  • Excess amount will not be refunded or credited to your mode of payment. But it will be adjusted in your next bill automatically. If you have excess amount in your account of electricity board, you will get interest on the excess amount and interest rate is approximately 6%. This is not the case with only electricity board.Telephone bill and water bill(Jal Nigam) are having the same rule for excess amount deposited in their account. So, don't worry. Relaxed for next bill. It will be adjusted in next bill with interest earned on it.

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