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    Is there medication required for post hair transplant treatment?

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    There has been mixed opinions of people who opted for hair transplant specially in case for male bald pattern on crown or alopacia.
    Just want to get genuine fact from experts if it true.
    Few male adults who have done hair transplant said that there is medication need post hair transplant and it goes on for indefinite time. So as per their advise hair transplant is not good for health even though it gives luxury in appearance.
    Few have said that it is worth for appearance and leave medication when you think you do not want hairs anymore. So question is post hair transplant treatment is there medication required? If yes how long and what frequency medicines needs to be taken? As I heard that the hair transplant is long term benefit than hair sewing so do you lose hairs after stopping medicines?
    Awaiting advice.
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  • Yes some doctors recommend medication required for post hair transplant treatment.In general terms, individuals with an underactive thyroid who take medications to keep the TSH in a normal range can treat the other types of hair loss just the same as a person without an underactive thyroid. You have sufficient donor hair for a hair transplant if it turns out that what you have is genetic hair loss (male balding). But besides a transplant you may want to speak to your physician about options to keep and possibly improve your existing hair such as finasteride, minoxidil, platelet rich plasma and low level laser therapy. The face is that your treating physician should provide you with a comprehensive list of what medications you should, and should NOT be taking prior to your procedure. patients take some medications to help with the healing process after the procedure, by this time though you do not need to take any medications, however vitamins don't hurt and sometimes help with the growth.

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