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    What is backlog system in undergraduate professional courses.

    Searching for information about backlog system in professional courses? Wondering about fee payment in case of a backlog? Here, on this page you will get resolution to your queries.

    It is very common term used in University and colleges. What is minimum marks required to avoid backlog. In how many subject backlog is permitted? In how many chances is a student permitted to appear in backlogged subject? If a student is doing 4 years degree course and is having backlog in some subject then does he need to pay fee for four years only or it will be extended?
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  • All we are know the backlog system of all the university. There are the minimum marks to avoid the backlog.

    1. If the total marks of the subject is 75 there are the minimum marks obtained for avoid backlog is 22½.
    2. When totals is 100 the minimum is 30.
    3. There are approxmately three subjects are permitted for backlog.
    4. There also three chances permitted to complete these backlogs.

    According to 4 year program one can get three chances to recover all the backlogs.

    All time he/she oblige to give the fees of form fillup and it may be increases time to time.

    Besides these you are also permitted to give improvement in 2 to 3 subjects.
    When you appear backlog your distinction will be cancel.

  • If four year degree course is in Engineering the minimum passing for the theory paper is 40 percent including the practical - papers and any marks less than that will disqualify the aspirant from being successful.
    As many as three papers are permitted as back - logs and to clear the same, the aspirants are allowed three chances.
    Every time, you need to fill up the forms indicating the back - log subjects in which you are likely to appear for the examination and the prescribed university - fee has to be deposited accordingly.
    The examination - fee may varry year to year as decided by the meeting held in the university - office.
    Distinction is never conferred to the aspirants having cleared the back - logs.
    This rule does not hold good for the candidates interested to clear three year degree course since in such cases the passing mark of the theoretical paper is 33 and for the practical one is 40. In the failed papers, they can appear for the compartmental examination to clear the same and this case also, they are offered maximum three chances.

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