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    How can I become lawyer parellally with M.Tech

    Wondering if it is possible to take up Law along with MTech? Resolve your confusion by going through this Ask Expert page.

    I am B.Tech graduate from Computer Science branch. Due to the family problem their is a need to fight a case in court so can I become a lawyer? To do M.Tech their is an entrance exam GATE. I can crack it. So can I become a lawyer parallel with doing M.Tech? The problem arises due to the poverty and weakness of my background.
    Awaiting advice.
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  • For the purpose of becoming a lawyer, you are required to register yourself under the Bar Council. For registration, you are required to acquire LLB degree. The LLB degree can't be acquired through correspondence in India, although you can obtain LLB degree on part-time basis.

    So, to become a practising lawyer, you have to first acquire a LLB degree and then you have to register yourself. Only then, you can plead a case as an Advocate.

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  • Your idea does not seem to be realistic since you cannot concentrate on studies of both GATE and LLB entrance test. Without the entrance clearance of the entrance examination, you cannot get a seat for LLB in a coveted law - college.
    Even if you clear the test after your hard labour, you need to labour hard to get the degree and duration of the entire course comprises three years. Again preparation of GATE needs extensive preparation calling for total involvement. A good score would be required to get a seat in a distinguished Institute.
    Preparation of both at the same time will exhaust your mental energy and hence think of one at a time. I would suggest you to go in for GATE so that after securing a percentile beyond 96, you may get a seat in IIT for M.Tech. Later you can opt for LLB.

  • Your idea does not seem to be realistic. Parallel degrees are not allowed and if later catched, your both degrees will become invalid. Concentrate on your M.Tech and get some job.Hire a good professional layer to fight your family case. We can not do all our work That's why the agencies and institutions are created. To become competent professional lawyer it takes years together. The work which you can do by hiring a lawyer with small money will cost to you many -many lakhs. The Idea of doing LLB and fighting case is foolish, please stay away and keep your concentration on single target.

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