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    Procedure to change name in Gazette

    Have a spelling mistake in certificate? Wondering how to change name in Gazette? Find advice from experts on this page.

    There is minor mistake of my father's name in my high school certificate. Can you tell me the procedure to correct the name? This will be usefu for government jobs document verification'.
    Awaiting response.
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  • Its easy my dear don't serious. There are two ways for solving this.
    1. Go for advocate and apply a affidavit for correction to actual name. This one works as real for verification at any where.

    2. Go to your board and apply for the correction. It will be correct within 15 days.
    Coz I have faced the same problem and by 2 option it is overed.

  • 1. You have to sign an affidavit before a first-class magistrate in your city. The affidavit should be worded like this: "I, XYZ, S/o PQR, hereby solemnly declare that my father's name has been wrongly indicated as RQP in my High-school Certificate. My father's correct name is PQR".
    2. Thereafter, you have to publish similarly-worded advertisement in two newspapers (one English, one Vernacular).
    3. You have to preserve the original affidavit and the original advertisement permanently.

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  • The correct procedure of name change in Gazette is-
    1. Your father should make an affidavit before a first-class magistrate in your city stating that Mr. old name and Mr. new name is the same person and the correct name is-----.
    2. Publish the name change in one newspaper and have one copy of that newspaper with you.
    3. After one month you can approach the state publication department in the state capital in the premises state assembly for the publication of name change in the Gazette.
    4. Deposit the application with affidavit and newspaper cutting bearing name change news in original with required fees. In Delhi it was Rs.700 in 2010 when i have done the name change.
    5. Take the acknowledgement and phone no. of the section officer,
    It will take one month to publish in the gazette. After publication collect 3 copies of gazette and give one copy to school board to correct and give you new certificate.

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