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    Searching jobs for senior and experienced persons

    Interested in taking up a senior position after experience and PGDCA and MCA? Find advice from experts on this page.

    I am a lady of fifty five plus. I am PGDCA and also MCA. Two years back I had to leave my job due to some personal problems. Again I intend to take up a job. What are the job portals best suited for senior and experienced persons? In IndiaStudyChannel how can I search for Kolkata jobs suitable for senior and experienced persons?
    Experts: do advice.
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  • You are experienced candidate. But there is a break of two years.
    This break can be a drawback for a further job. Most employers will ask you about the last job. But, since you are experienced and qualified in computer application you can post your resume to software companies direct. You can also post your resume through major job portals like,, etc under the category RETIRED PERSONS.
    You can also think of a STARTUP, as an entrepreneur.
    You franchise computer related activities like
    You can develop software for sales.
    You can start your own computer education centre.


  • I do not want to discourage you and even salute your spirit to work at this age but after getting certain age (closer to the retirement age) it becomes quite difficult to get a new job. Companies consider young employees, they get trained as per their requirement with a trust that they will serve them for longer periods.
    My open opinion will be as follows-
    1. You can give a try in your previous company first. If it was a private firm and you have spent a lot of years there, they may happily accept you as an employee.
    2. If your situation allows, you can start tuition classes at your own place. This will give you the flexibility of working hours, no efforts will require for traveling at this age and lastly, you will not get retired until and unless you want to work.
    3. If the above two options do not match with your requirement, you may search for job in small companies and may need to adjust a bit in terms of salary scale.


    Living & Learning- simultaneous processes!

  • You have accumulated vast experience in the Software field and thus you may be the charm for the employers looking out for an experienced professional.
    Since you did not specify your domain where you have put maximum number of service such as Oracle, Java, C++, SAP etc, I cannot offer you advice in detail. But one thing is sure, you must possess all the positive attributes within you such as command over your area of work, familiarity with the latest modules and after all, an ability to convince the Employer why you should initiate a particular set of decision if exposed to a critical situation. In the Software- field, client are important and so your employer would evaluate you in that direction.
    Since, this being a slow down period, you should be prepared for undertaking any job, though it may not be of your liking initially.
    You may open up a computer institute after having taken the franchise of either NIIT or APTECH. If interested to offer teaching, you may join coaching classes where you can offer expertise to the aspirants.
    You may also look out for an assignment in Engineering college where you can teach the students.
    Critically analyse the situation and proceed accordingly.

  • If you are having hard time finding job then best option for you to get started in tutoring. You may have now acquired the skills that you can transfer to the students. Be it any topic that you are comfortable teaching others. Teaching can be a good way to get rid of the slumber than may come from not having job.

    Another option you have is to check the referrals and the network that you have established over a period of time. This will also help you get the new opportunities. It's not easy to get networking to work for you. But you have to try and see what works from here onward.

    You didn't specified your experience in any specific domain or skill. So that may also becomes hard for us to answer your query. I suggest try to stick with the domain in which you're working for last few years.

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